4 Reasons Why You Should Always Generate as Many Quality Leads as Possible

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Leads1) Revenue Matters


One of the greatest accomplishments of MOBE is the fact that it has pioneered the concept of having a phone sales team close sales for Top Tier Memberships. There are hundreds of thousands of companies that close sales with phone sales teams or representatives, but in the internet marketing industry MOBE broke ground and presently there are many Internet Marketing companies duplicating the MOBE system because it works.

It is up to you to send qualified leads to the phone sales team. In MOBE’s case, qualified leads are buyers. When your leads convert to an MTTB buyer, you will see them listed in your stats office (PAP) and you have access to their email address and phone number. Connect with your MTTB buyers either by calling them on the telephone or sending an email introducing yourself as their sponsor and offering any help if they need it. However, when someone buys MTTB, the 21 step system includes MTTB coaches and traffic coaches to help with the training.

The 21 Step System is the front end of the sales funnel which leads to Top Tier Commissions of $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 commissions.

In MOBE, The ultimate goal of the phone sales team is to generate revenue, and they do that by closing upgrade sales. So start looking at your bottom line, and figure out how you can grow that.

2) Numbers Matter

phone sales

The more MTTB buyers you generate ensures that the phone sales team has the numbers they need to upgrade as many of your buyers as possible to MLR, Titanium, and Platinum memberships.


To get MTTB buyers, you have to generate leads. Your leads need to convert to buyers, then it is the job of the phone sales team to sell higher memberships so you can earn Top Tier Commissions. The stats (PAP) office shows the steps the person has completed in MTTB. The phone team contacts your MTTB buyer at step 5 and does their magic.

3) Nurturing Matters

lead nurture

Lead nurturing will take care of the “we’re not ready yet” bunch. Different leads come in to your funnel at different stages of the buying cycle. Some of them already know about MOBE, and some might even be ready to buy the first time you talk to them. But chances are good that you’ve generated leads who downloaded an ebook or free content from you, or maybe subscribed to your blog. These leads are not yet qualified to go to sales, which means you should be communicating and nurturing them closer to sales-ready. Having a system in place to routinely keep this type of lead in your mix will ultimately earn you more sales and advocates as you go along.

4) Advocates Matter

marketing advocate

Generating more leads helps you grow your advocates. As you generate more and more leads, you’re inevitably increasing the number of “advocates” for MOBE or people who share your content and spread the word about My Top Tier Business. This will help you grow your traffic, since your advocates will send their friends and others in their networks to your site as well. They may even generate some qualified leads for you! Either way, the more leads you generate, the more people you have interested in and talking about MOBE.

Keep going. Generate more. Your marketing will only get better, and your bottom line will show it.

More MTTB Buyers = More Upgrade Conversions = More Revenue


Did you know that one of the benefits of joining My Top Tier Business is having access to a one on one traffic coach which will help you with lead generation?

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