8 Reasons Why You Should Be Tracking Your Traffic

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Are You Tracking Your Traffic?

1)  You know the source of the traffic.

2)  Once you know the source you can evaluate results.

3)  If the source is bringing in good results, then you know it is worth the money to reinvest in that source for  advertising.

4)  If the source is doing poorly, you know it is time to let it go and put your advertising dollars into a different source.

5) You can match up your results with your follow-up.

6) You will save money in advertising.

7) You can track through the sale.

8 You can calculate CTR (click through rate), CPC (cost per click) and ROI (return on investment among other stats.

Tracking every ad will make the difference between success and failure of your marketing business. I have used several different traffic generation techniques such as Solo Ads, PPC, Facebook, Banner Ads, YouTube etc. and tracking is an invaluable tool that  measures campaign performance.

For example, let’s say you place a solo ad with no tracking. Since your ad is connected to a squeeze page which is connected to an autoresponder, you will catch leads that way, however if you are using one squeeze page for several ads, leads will conglomerate to one list in your autoresponder, therefore impossible to tell where your traffic came from. If your leads are not tracked, you don’t know which ad was the most effective. You can use the statistical information with most programs, however, it isn’t as accurate as tracking every single ad. Stay organized, track  the origin, and the method used such as Solo Ads, PPC, Facebook, Banner Ads, YouTube etc. and you will increase your opportunity to succeed.

Another example of effective tracking is split testing. For example, you can create two squeeze pages, then split test them by using tracking software to create a master link. The link will direct to alternating pages which will record which page converted the best. You are not limited to two pages, however, it’s a good start.

One thing to keep in mind is as an affiliate marketer, you can only track as far as the pages you create in your sales funnel. If  you own the product, you can track through the sale. A tracking code  needs to be included on the sales page to track through the sale. In the case of MOBE, as an affiliate there are limitations, however your sales are ultimately tracked in your stats office in your back office.


Seek and find good performing tracking software and make your marketing fun and interesting. Create your ad by using software that converts your link to a tracking url.  It doesn’t matter if you are running free or paid advertising. If you don’t track, you don’t know what is going on and it tells you how each ad performs. For example if you have more than one link leading to your sales page, how do you know which one was clicked on the most? Which ones will you continue to use or stop because of poor performance?

There are a variety of tracking software solutions

There are a variety of tracking software solutions from basic and affordable to advanced and expensive. Consider the basic and affordable with only the features you need.

1) Bitly-Free but not recommended for long term.

2) Pretty Link Plugin-If you have a WordPress Blog, you can use the Pretty Link plugin which uses the name of the domain it is installed on. It only records raw and unique clicks.

3) Hypertracker-This is very good tracking software, however it has a monthly fee and not as user friendly as others I have used.

4) AdTrakz Gold- I highly recommended this software for serious marketing tracking. There are 3 package choices but the best choice is the bundle for a one time fee. It must be installed on a subdomain, but the bundle includes installation. It has a multitude of features too many to mention. However some key features include split testing, multiple campaign management, subcampaign creation and the ability to generate tracking codes for many applications. For more information:


There are also:

  • Squeeze page software that includes tracking as an automatic feature and is usually self- hosted.
  • Several third-party services that allow you to track and analyze your  traffic.
  • Free alternatives, however best for short term use.

Tracking makes the difference between success and failure for most affiliate marketers.

Tracking Makes Money

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