My name is Raena Lynn

Helping You Move Forward With Internet Marketing.

Years ago, when the dot coms were starting to surface on the internet, I did all the wrong things without knowing…hitting up friends, handing out business cards around town, safe lists on the internet, auto responders, bulk emailing, etc. I was able to generate leads in the “old days” (what does that mean?), but not enough to make a living! Sure, I made a little bit of money, and I enjoyed connecting with my downline; when they needed help which was the best part and very rewarding! After years of trying, I eventually stopped marketing and I was not successful, not because I wasn’t capable, but because I didn’t have the proper training. This time, the system I was learning provides “hope” for the new marketer because of excellent coaches and training.

I’m a proud mother of 2 beautiful daughters, 21 and 26. I’m 57 years old, college educated, a teacher for 15 years, and presently a full time internet marketer and MOBE Traffic coach. I dreaded going through the agony, scams, run-arounds, promises, lies, wasted money (a lot of it!!!!), and trickery that came about when a person is trying to be successful in marketing. There were a lot of successful people out there  marketing their products, and I’m just as capable, so why not? I love networking with people, working on the computer, and learning. I am looking forward to getting to know you.

The internet has changed so much before the Yahoo and Google era began. Remember Compuserve? Prodigy? CD Now? Domain names costing $200.00 to $1000.00 or more? (That’s before there was a Toyota.co…, or McDonalds.co…, or Disneyland.co…. I was on the net before all of those domains existed.
Being able to sort out all of the distractions, offers, opt ins, will make a difference between failure or success. Staying on track, moving forward, and realizing in reality the amount of work needed to be successful is another story. You’ve heard the cliché, “Been There, Done That.” It’s true.
I’ve done many promotional methods including PPC, Facebook, Social Media, and Solo Ads.

I’ve discovered a better, more efficient personal style of marketing. I will share it with you as I go along.

My primary business is My Top Tier Business. I am a MOBE coach and Diamond Level Licensee for Matt Lloyd.  As a Diamond member I’ve attended 4 Mastermind events in Fiji; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Costa Rica; and Playa del Carmen, Cancun.

The MOBE system and programs are by far the best one for learning how to market effectively and I consider myself a successful, full time marketer and entrepreneur. I enjoy time and money freedom and life is an incredible adventure. I love to help those who are seeking to improve their lives and break out of being stuck. The internet gives you an opportunity to be free.

-for now, Raena Lynn