4 Guidelines to Building A Long Term Value Based Lead Generation System

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Are you planning on building a Long Term Value Based Lead Generation System?

If you want a successful and profitable business, you need leads. Not a few, but a lot. If you are not driving traffic, then nothing happens without leads. No leads equals no sales equals no revenue equals no nothing.

Here are 4 guidelines to consider before lead generation which you need to understand so you won’t lose a lot of time and a lot of money.

Guideline #1: Build A Long Term Value Based Lead Generation System

One of the most difficult and time consuming lead generation techniques is creating real value for your market for long term. Examples would be daily video and/or blog posts. There are also many other ways to create value. It sounds simple, but assume you are already in “value creation mode” or decide to give it a try. Set up a blog and write a 100% value blog post every day for 30 days. It’s a lot of work, and most people will not have the discipline or patience to pursue this type of lead generation.

Building a long term value based lead generation system takes a long time, however if you need leads yesterday, speed is what works.  So if you pursue faster ways to generate leads, ALWAYS have a long term lead generation system running alongside your short term campaigns.

Build your asset before you need it.

Guideline#2: Understand That the Money Is Not always In Your List.

long term value based lead generation

One of my lists currently has little to no “money” hiding in it. When I started marketing, I generated freebie seekers instead of potential buyers. I made the mistake of building a list before I had something to sell. Looking back, it was a waste of time except for the lesson I learned. The purpose of building a list is not just to get leads, but to get buyers. You want to generate leads that turn into buyers. It’s easy to build a list of people that just want free stuff. Those are NOT the kinds of leads you’re looking for.

Cast your lead generating net as wide as possible and as quickly as you can. On your “thank you” page, make it clear that you are selling. It will scare away the people who are looking for a free lunch. As long as you provide value while you sell, the true potential buyers will stay.

You are running a business, so make that clear to your potential subscribers early on, otherwise when you try to sell any product, it will be totally inconsistent with what came before. Put an offer (hard or soft) in front of them right away.

You don’t want just any lead. You want people that buy. The more of them that buy, the more leads you’ll be able to afford.

Guideline#3: You Don’t Have Time to Wait Around for A Relationship


People buy because they want things. They buy because they’re yearning for the perceived benefits of what you can provide or you are offering a solution to a problem. A relationship helps, but you can’t pay your bills or pay your expenses with relationships. So ask them to buy fast.

Isn’t that why you’re in business? Don’t make excuses. Just sell.

Guideline#4 Get Back to Basics

long term value based lead generation2

Success comes from executing the basics well. Generating leads is not complicated, it takes 3 things:

  1. A great offer
  2. Putting that offer in front of the right people
  3. A reason to act now

Rinse and repeat.

I hope these guidelines help you keep in mind the importance of a value based long term lead generation system as you pursue your short term campaigns.

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