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3 Key Elements for Effective Lead Generation:

1) Consistency-Completing advertising tasks on a regular basis.
2) Patience-Persevering in the face of delay.
3) Flexibility-Adaptable and moving with the flow.

Are you trying to figure out which lead generation method to use? Is there a “secret” to lead generation? You need to be bold, specific and ruthless if you want to survive.  I will provide a specific way you can increase your rate of success with lead generation. A couple of points to consider is although the internet industry labels traffic as “paid” or “free” there is a price to pay either way. If you are using paid traffic, you will pay in dollars. Paid traffic is better and quicker than free methods. Realize when you are using “free” traffic, you are paying with your time. Also, the purpose of this article is to cover the approach of lead generation. Following articles will cover tracking, targeting, engagement, strategies, volume, and specific methods of lead generation.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common traffic generation methods:

Solo Ads
Facebook PPC
Social Media including YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest etc
Craigs List
Google Adwords

It doesn’t matter which method you choose. It is the process you choose and the follow up. Tracking and targeting are extremely important in lead generation, and follow up is also essential, however this article will emphasize the approach to lead generation, rather than the mechanics.

The main reason for failure in lead generation is what I call “jumping.”

Let us assume you have decided to generate traffic by using solo ads. You begin by doing the research you need to drive traffic to your offer. You take the steps necessary to begin your first campaign. Since it is your first time, results can vary between very good or not so good. The not so good results gives you an opportunity to make changes. You try again, and you do a little better, but you don’t see any spectacular ROI (Return On Investment). So you continue and dabble a bit more, trying different providers and different costs. After a short while, you decide, “This isn’t working” so you move on to another method.

This is when the jumping part comes in. You continue with one particular method long enough to give up and jump to the next method.  The process continues from solo ads, to Facebook PPC, then Google Adwords etc. After spending money and not seeing enough of a return, there is a natural navigation to free advertising. Free advertising can be very effective, however it takes more time to see measurable results. So the cycle continues for a month or so, then a few months, then a year and sometimes several years. This is what we call “Spinning your wheels.”

Assuming the traffic is targeted,  the key approach to making sales has 3 components.

Consistency-Consistency is the most important of the 3 components. Choose your method, set up a schedule, and stick with it. Using solo ads as an example, make a decision to purchase ads and schedule the runs for the same interval. For example, one every week or 5 every week. Don’t dabble with one ad here, another a week or so later, another next month etc. Consistency over time will make a big difference with getting better results. Consistency will bring the flow needed to build momentum. Consistency works for any chosen method.

Lead Generation





Patience-Give your campaigns time. Remember you are promoting an offer to people and there are many factors that need to be considered which affect time results such as demographics, lifestyle, desire, and schedules. When starting a new method, it takes money to test and time to allow for conversions. It usually takes several exposures to an offer before people decide to buy.

Recently I was surfing the internet for a particular pair of shoes. I was browsing, but didn’t follow through with the purchase. As the internet is these days, I was tagged with my search so the “shoes” began to show up on many websites I visited over a period of a couple of weeks. After seeing them pop up many times, I finally pulled out the debit card and made the purchase. Buyers will eventually buy. Be patient and give them time.

Flexibility-The internet is an ever evolving entity. Change is a sure thing. Circumstances occur which can be negative or positive. Go with the flow and be flexible. It will make your lead generation efforts more profitable and peaceful.

It takes hard work, patience, and the right strategies to reap success.

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