David Gilks “The Solo Ad King”

David Gilks has been one of my partners since the inception of our Mastermind Partner Program in 2011. David has been an excellent model for me this past year, and a great coach recently with helping me put together my first solo ad. David is unique because he excels in a way that many marketers fail. David is consistent, persistent, and kind. He has a sincere desire to help people succeed and get results in their marketing efforts. There are many times I would simply ask a question and David is always there to lend a solution.

David is an expert with solo ads, and recently he helped me step by step to create my first solo ad. He took something that seemed complicated and presented it in a simple way so I was able to post my first one from start to finish with great results. I’m convinced that solo ads are stellar marketing methods and David’s example and results motivated me to dive in and do it! He was one of the first in our group to experiment and take the risk of placing solo ads, and some of us were reluctant. But he persevered and got to a point where he is generating income for him and his family and is on his way to a 6-figure income.  David is a loving father, husband, and entrepreneur. He is now coaching others in list building so they do not have to take as much of a risk or loss. David has spent this past year refining the “art of list building.” and now he is sharing it with others. I would seriously recommend you to take a look at his new product, Lightning List Building.

Although David is across the globe, (he lives in Perth, Australia)  I feel he is a great partner and friend and I truly believe that David Gilks will be one of the top internet earners in our industry because he is unselfish and giving with no underlying agenda. He is very humble, yet extremely knowledgeable with the technical aspects of list building, word press, video marketing, and solo ads.  If you are at a stage to build your list, or create solo ads, then connect with David because he will help you. He is the “solo king!”

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