Are you a beginner affiliate in MOBE?

And you…

Source_File_Logo_Image_06Do you feel like a dummy?

You don’t need to! This course is specifically designed for MOBE Beginner Affiliates to promote MTTB and get started on the right track.



  • Lifetime access to 3 video training modules
  • BONUS: Module 4 Newbie Golden Nuggets

Module 1:

  • Direct 3 Way Funnel
  • Solo Ad Basics
  • Preparation
  • Basic Tracking Using Has Offers
  • Copy/Paste Solo Ad
  • Solo Ad Providers
  • Pre Basic Skills 00

How To Clear Cookies In Your Mozilla Firefox Browser
How To Clear Cookies In Your Chrome Browser
How To Clear Cookies In Your Microsoft Explorer Browser
How To Find Notepad in Windows 7
How To Find Notepad in Windows 8
How To Create A Folder In Documents On Your Hard Drive
Basic IM Skill #1 Browser Basics
Basic IM Skill #2 Copy and Paste
Basic IM Skill #3 Introduction to Notepad


Module 2

  • Indirect 3 Way Funnel
  • Autoresponder Introduction
  • Step by Step Setting Up Your Autoresponder
  • Create Your First Squeeze Page
  • Putting it all together

Module 3:

  • Indirect 4 Way Funnel
  • A/R Setup
  • Follow Up, PDF Prep
  • Thank You Page
  • Squeeze Page, Solo Ad
  • Branding Page
  • PDF Storage

BONUS Module 4: Basic Skills Newbie Golden Nuggets

4 Short Bonus Videos on Basic Skills:
A Cool Tool to stay organized.
What is a blog?
What is a Widget?
Zipping A File

More Videos will be added.

TAUGHT BY Raena Lynn

Raena Lynn is a MOBE Traffic Coach and has coached over 2500 MOBE Affiliates. She is a full time internet marketer and entrepreneur. Her expertise includes solo ads, advertising, and sales funnels.

She is a Diamond level MOBE Licensee and her background as a professional teacher combined with marketing has given her the to ability to train beginners using a unique, foundational method.

Raena Lynn created her first product last year for beginning marketers, but has extended her efforts to a newly revised course catered specifically to MOBE Beginner Affiliates who need a place to start. She believes there is a gap between the beginner stages and intermediate stages for all methods of lead generation.

Raena Lynn is the BEST traffic coach in the MOBE program!! She has helped me with everything I have had problems with, and gotten back to me very fast I might add! This program is truly worth it. I have learned more in three weeks than I have been trying to learn in over a year! There is great value in working with Raenalynn and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that asks for a good coach. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.! Thank you for all you have done to help make me successful! You are a terrific coach, friend, and an understanding & helpful person. I am forever grateful!! :))~Karissa Kroll

“I was also lucky to have Raena Lynn as my coach in the MOBE program. She has a way of explaining the most difficult problems and make them sound really possible to solve. Her instructions and assignments are clear, precise and easy to follow even for a beginner and no English speaker. I would recommend Raena Lynn to anybody who wants to succeed in business and needs some guidance. Thank you for all your help during our sessions and beyond them, for answering my questions and all your encouragement. I will always be grateful for all you have done for me and contribute my success to your unique instructions!!! Thank You!!!!”~Gosia Nowaczyk”.

My name is Henry Lima and I’m a platinum member with Mobe. I’ve been privileged to have Raena Lynn as my coach and it’s been an awesome experience learning from her especially being a newbie to online marketing. I’ve learned how to market to MOBE as well as several different ways to market while building my list. I’ve also learned to track which is fundamental to success in this business. Thank you Raena for everything!!!

What I knew about traffic generation you could have fit in a thimble with room left over before working with Raena Lynn. Raena began where I was and has taught me more about traffic and list building than all other prior sources and done it in just a few weeks. If you need a patient coach who will meet you where you are and bring you up to speed, Raena is the coach for you.

Raena Lynn is a fantastic traffic and lead generation coach. It is amazing what she has been able to teach me in a short period of time considering I knew nothing to start with. I feel like I have gotten a Master’s Degree in the proper way to generate good leads and build a valuable list. If you want amazing training contact Raena as soon as possible.

Alice A. Cresson, TX (Diamond Member).

My experience with Raena has been nothing short of absolutely amazing!!

Raena is an inspiration, a lovely friendly lady and an expert at coaching and training – she completely knows how to clear all the confusion.

Her step by step approach when teaching is second to none!

Every session I have with Raena follows a well-planned out structure and then she will set me homework to complete for the following session.

I come off my coaching call every week, on a real high! I feel totally inspired and feel I can now run my business with knowledge of the correct route I need to take.

Raena has given me back my confidence in myself and my abilities and I know that her coaching will enable me to go on to run my business successfully.

It is also refreshing to have someone that it totally there for me. Helping me learn new things to improve without any ulterior motive! She is a dream to work with. So professional.

If I had not had Raena as my coach, I may have given up on my business by now. She has honestly saved my sanity and shown me the way to improve on my skills to enable me to succeed!

Raena is by far the best coach I have ever worked with. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to understand more about their online business and how to make it, in this niche!

Deborah R., AU (Diamond Member).

This is a foundational course designed to help a new MOBE beginner affiliates get up and running quickly.

If you do not learn basic skills, you will struggle as an affiliate marketer.

Before you start marketing, you need to learn basic skill sets:

  • Your Back Office
  • Tracking
  • What Links to Promote
  • Setting up a Basic Sales Funnel
  • Sending out your first ad and generating leads to help you build your online business!


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