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Empower Network Works With Massive Action = Massive Results

Is Empower Network or ANY Online Business REALLY for You?

There’s a bit of a problem that we all face in Empower Network, and I should say this really goes for ANY Industry. Success truly comes to those who take MASSIVE ACTION. But unfortunately, many do not.

Listen as multi-millionaire Anthony Robbins shares a very profound message in an interview with two other “average guys” who took action and hit the BIG time. If you’re serious about wanting to make a substantial, ever expanding monthly income, I strongly recommend listening to this whole interview and take advantage of these valuable nuggets of information… this training could be the difference between success and failure.


Empower NetworkTraining Video:Why Do The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer?

Click the expand option (lower right) to watch full screen

It’s important to me that those who watch this video and decide to join our Empower Network Mastermind Training, make a commitment to themselves to follow through in their actions to create significant results for themselves and those around them.

Your Potential with Empower Network Is LIMITLESS When You Apply These Trainings.

I hope this video was extremely valuable to you and that it really struck a chord.

Click the +1, tweet or like button to share and leave your comments below and let us know what it truly means to you.

Yours In Mastery,

Raena Lynn


PS … Are you ready to apply these teachings to start building your own business?


Click the Empower Network Logo above to start taking massive action in your life and business Today.

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What are the REAL Costs Involved With Empower Network?

Jon Morz

All too often people are sucked into programs only to find out that if they want to succeed, they have to buy additional stuff like hosting, domains, autoresponders, tools, training … well, the list just goes on and on.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know ‘up front’ what you’re getting involved with before you get started?

In this brief post we’ll discuss what your options are when getting started with Empower Network and what the total costs will be in opening your own 100% commission based business.

As an Entrepreneur and business owner, you know that there are costs to doing business. However, your goal should be to minimize these costs to ensure you are making the most of your budget to prepare yourself for profit as quickly as possible.

When it comes to Empower Network, in comparison to any other opportunity I’ve ever taken part in, I can finally say that for the most part, your additional start-up costs have been eliminated.

What does that mean?

Well, I always recommended 3 things when starting ANY business online as I feel they are the foundation to building an online web presence.

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Autoresponder

empower network additional costLet’s understand why I recommend these things and how you can now avoid this additional expense with Empower Network.

I always say how important it is to brand yourself and that you should NOT be using company provided replicated web sites. However, in order to get away from using the company provided replicated site, you need to buy a domain name, and a hosting account to host your own site… that is, until now.

You see, with Empower Network, you have your own 100% customizable web site (authority blog) online the moment you get started. They handle all the hosting and you don’t need to purchase a domain name because we all blog on the same one gaining authority in the search engines. This means that your content ranks higher with less work, which in turn generates you more traffic and more leads for your business.

Which leads to my next topic – Autoresponders.

empower network autoresponderHaving an Autoresponder is an absolute must if you want to run a successful online business. My Autoresponder is personally responsible for around 80% of my sales. The moment you get started with Empower Network, you have an autoresponder already connected to your account and anytime your site generates a lead, they are put into a sales process that always connects back to your affiliate tagged Empower Network site, and YOU get the credit for the sale when they make their purchase.

Now, when you advance in your business, I still recommend that you get your own personal autoresponder. Although Empower Network has one in place for you, it is essential to build your own list for the future. But if you’re just getting started, everything is already in place for you.

Merchant Accounts:

As a business owner receiving 100% commissions, you’ll need to have a way to accept payment to your bank. In the earlier days of Empower Network, they tried several different merchant options such as paypal, link point, authorize.net, and alertpay. After dozens of trials and errors, Empower Network quickly came to the realization that it was mandatory that they implement an in-house merchant solution that required No Approval Times, No Risk of getting your accounts suspended (paypal is famous for this), and ensured that everyone get’s paid in a timely matter. Their final solution – The E-Wallet System. In comparison to earlier solutions such as Link Point and Authorize.net ranging at around $38 per month, with transaction fees of over 2%, the E-Wallet solution is a breath of fresh air at only $19.95. A very small price to pay to go into business for yourself.

What about Empower Network’s sales process and the additional training expenses?

Great question! : )

As you may already know by going thru my Empower Network Review Site and reading how the Empower Network Comp Plan works, there are a few different products that you can decide to purchase.

  • There is the Basic Membership level which is $25/mo (Blogging System)
  • The Inner Circle Training, where you hear from Empower Network’s top earners (such as myself) and how we run our businesses. $100/mo
  • And the Costa Rica Intensive, where you’ll learn everything you could ever want to know about building massive organizations from David Wood – one of the biggest marketing legends this industry has ever seen. $500 1 time.

Now, is it essential that you join ALL of this within Empower Network?

No, it is not essential and you can start at any level at which you choose. You can literally start using the blogging platform for only $25 and produce huge results by simply plugging into my Exclusive Empower Network training (valued at nearly $20K – yours free) and generate incredible results when you take action and apply what you learn. And remember – refer just 1 person and your system is free for life.

Empower Network Costs - Lead By ExampleBut for me personally, I like to lead by example.

When I get started in anything, I go all in.

Why? Because I will not settle for anything less than extraordinary.

I know that when I commit to something, I will see it through to produce massive results.

I will never give up, and I will never give up on my team.

WE are a team of leaders, and WE are creating ‘Life-Changing‘ stories.

If you want others to follow you, then you should also lead by example.

If you do not have the funds to “Go all in” right now… no problem. Get started where you feel comfortable and upgrade once you start generating traffic by following my exclusive Empower Network Training.

I literally spent months creating this training for you to apply and take advantage of. I could have easily charged an additional $100 a month for this training, but It comes with no additional costs to you because it is more important to me that my team succeeds.

You can have everything in life that you want, as long as you help others get what they want – Zig Zigler.

So to break it down… you have options.

“Go all in” and KNOW that you will let nothing stand in your way to create the results you know you deserve.


Start for as little as $25 + the cost of your merchant account – $19.95 (you have to be able to accept money for  your own business), and know that there are no essential additional expenses in getting your start.

You have all the training and bonuses in place for you this very moment to get you moving in the right direction.

In Mastery,



I hope the above article discussing the Empower Network Costs answered all of your questions regarding what the real expenses are when starting your own 100% commission based business – simply click the logo above and you’ll be plugged into our team training and resources detailing the exact action steps you can take to see true results with Empower Network.


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Empower Network Tune Into The Empower Hour Every Week

empower hour

Empower Network Core Commitment #5: Tune Into “The Empower Hour” Every Week

Every Monday night at 9pm Eastern Standard Time (6pm PST) we will be hosting “The Empower Hour” where weʼll train and coach you on how to build your business with Empower Network and what the top producers are doing to get big results.

All new products and upgrades introduced to the system will be introduced in real time on these webinars and the initial offerings will be live on those webinars.

Why is it so important to be tuned in to The Empower Hour?

This means YOU MUST be on these calls when this happens because if you are not on these calls and you do not upgrade before someone in your organization below you then you miss out on the 100% commission opportunity from those people.
The “Empower Hour” will also give you the chance to hear all the most important updates and training before anyone else.

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Empower Network Member Upgrade Is The Key To New Member Coaching


Core Commitment #4: New Member Coaching To Help New Members Upgrade

This is one of the simplest and most direct commitments. Simply call your new members who get started, and make sure they go through this training. Make sure that they have been through the Fast Start Training, and understand the value to them to upgrade to whatever package is appropriate to them.
ALL of your new members should buy the Inner Circle membership if at all possible.
The better your communication is with new members when they are just getting started – the longer theyʼll stay around, the more money theyʼll make, the more pass up sales theyʼll generate for you, and the more “residual” your income will become.

Hereʼs the cool part though – if you call your new Members, about 80% of them will upgrade to the Inner Circle Membership, which will increase your residual income by five times, per member that upgrades.

The thing that makes it easy to upgrade people is…

when they realize that if someone they sponsored upgrades beyond the level they personally are at and as a result they donʼt get the 100% commission from that product simply because they donʼt own it themselves.
You will need to have purchased the upgrades in order to get paid on them when someone you bring in upgrades. If not, the commission will pass up to the next qualifying person above you that has purchased the upgrade.

This goes for the $100 upgrade as well as the $500 upgrade and any other upgrades or products that will be introduced later. This gives you the incentive to upgrade your personally sponsored people by having a conversation with them about this and letting them know that itʼs perfectly okay to stay at the lower level but the upgrade commissions
will not be available to them. And if they donʼt upgrade thatʼs okay because anyone they bring in at the higher upgraded level will pass to you for the 100% commission. You donʼt want to miss out on any higher commission opportunities.

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Empower Network Core Committment #3 Marketing Daily


Empower Network Core Commitment #3: Marketing Daily

When you join Empower Network, you will receive a list of 8 Core Commitments written by David Wood:

When you marketing daily, this is where you can really get creative. Iʼm going to teach you the core concept of how I was able to build a business so quickly, without spending a dime of my own money, only re-investing a small percentage of my profits back into marketing.
Iʼm going to give you some advice here – and you donʼt have to listen, I just wanted to pass along something that one of my mentors told me. He said: “If you want to be RICH, then take 20% of ALL the money you make, and re-invest it back into marketing… It doesnʼt matter what budget you start with – what matters is that you commit, RIGHT NOW, to always do this in your business…”
So hereʼs what Iʼm going to encourage you to do – if you make $100 in the Empower Network – re-invest $20 back into some kind of marketing – be ok with making mistakes. Try stupid stuff with it. If you make $1000, re-invest $200. If you make $10,000, re-invest $2,000.

Hereʼs the key:
Your marketing wonʼt suck forever. Eventually, youʼll get really, really good at turning one dollar invested into marketing into five dollars in revenue.

If you can do that consistently – do you really care how much you spend? Youʼll want to spend as much as you can, as fast as you can, when youʼre good.

Thatʼs all Iʼm going to say about marketing. Commit that starting right now, youʼll take one hour per day and solely focus on marketing your business and getting it in front of new people.

In your daily marketing, try everything – and hereʼs the rule:

If something doesn’t bring in as much as you spend on the front end, after 3-5 attempts:
Stop it, and try something new. Most people fail at marketing because they just keep doing the same stuff that doesn’t work any better in a year than it does now. Test things – find your niche, and in a year, itʼs unbelievable where youʼll be. One hour per day, and 20% of your revenue, and youʼll be unstoppable in a year.

How do I know? Because I did it.

For those of you who have become a member of the Inner Circle, and have purchased the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive, youʼll learn more about marketing than you thought possible.

Learn, do, teach – thatʼs the formula for marketing greatness.

You need to aim to have every dollar spent bring in three – but until youʼre there, feel free to test, experiment, track, and improve your results. Imagine being able to spend $20,000 per month on marketing. How fast do you think you can grow your business? It really is unlimited. That would make most people feel ʻnotʼ comfortable – but you realize, that youʼre not spending $20,000 per month out of your own pocket – youʼre reinvesting that money from revenue – when you realize that, youʼre thinking like a real entrepreneur.

The Marketing Checklist:

  • I have watched the 3rd fast start video, and understand the concept of “Daily Marketing” in my business.
  • I commit to spend one hour per day, and 20% of my business income in increasing and ʻscalingʼ my marketing campaigns, until Iʼm earning the income that I want to earn, and then Iʼll re-evaluate it from there.

Are you ready to get more awesome training like this from Empower Network?

Click here:


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