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Empower Network Member Upgrade Is The Key To New Member Coaching


Core Commitment #4: New Member Coaching To Help New Members Upgrade

This is one of the simplest and most direct commitments. Simply call your new members who get started, and make sure they go through this training. Make sure that they have been through the Fast Start Training, and understand the value to them to upgrade to whatever package is appropriate to them.
ALL of your new members should buy the Inner Circle membership if at all possible.
The better your communication is with new members when they are just getting started – the longer theyʼll stay around, the more money theyʼll make, the more pass up sales theyʼll generate for you, and the more “residual” your income will become.

Hereʼs the cool part though – if you call your new Members, about 80% of them will upgrade to the Inner Circle Membership, which will increase your residual income by five times, per member that upgrades.

The thing that makes it easy to upgrade people is…

when they realize that if someone they sponsored upgrades beyond the level they personally are at and as a result they donʼt get the 100% commission from that product simply because they donʼt own it themselves.
You will need to have purchased the upgrades in order to get paid on them when someone you bring in upgrades. If not, the commission will pass up to the next qualifying person above you that has purchased the upgrade.

This goes for the $100 upgrade as well as the $500 upgrade and any other upgrades or products that will be introduced later. This gives you the incentive to upgrade your personally sponsored people by having a conversation with them about this and letting them know that itʼs perfectly okay to stay at the lower level but the upgrade commissions
will not be available to them. And if they donʼt upgrade thatʼs okay because anyone they bring in at the higher upgraded level will pass to you for the 100% commission. You donʼt want to miss out on any higher commission opportunities.

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