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I attended my first Facebook Mastery Summit tonight and my review is thumbs up. Nick Usburg knows what he’s doing and he and the staff at Hubze have managed to do something in my opinion is landmark.

They gave us the offer of offers! We get 15 live webinars with the best of the best in the industry. When I stumbled onto the webinar offer, I recognized something special so I signed up and after tonight I’m glad I did!

The first session was on Trends and Branding. Nick Usburg is our host and our presenters for the night are Pam Moore, CEO and founder of FruitZoom, Inc and Robin Carey.

Of course I want to tell everyone everything about how the webinar revealed itself (no pun intended) but out of respect for the enrolled participants I cannot disclose every point presented.  However I would like to share the major points of the presentation to give everyone an idea of the quality material and how we were introduced to the Social Media industry. Pam Moore presented 10 Points of Social Media:

#1 Just Do it!
#2 Plan your work and work your plan.
#3 Be who you want to be tomorrow today!
#4 Love what you do! Or don’t do it!
#5 Hand with the right peeps!
#6 Be transparent
#7 Never Stop learning.
#8 Engage-Quit hiding behind the corporate logo.
#9 Connect

Our next class is Thursday, March 31. Nick has something very exciting to share! Come back on Friday, and I’ll let you know!

Facebook Mastery Summit Module Descriptions

Session 1: Social Media Trends that you NEED to know about & Branding Techniques

Date: Tuesday, March 29th 7:00pm EST Featuring: Robin Carey & Pam Moore

Bio: Robin Carey – Owner of one of the world’s top social media communities…Social Media Today.com

Bio: Pam Moore – CEO and Founder of FruitZoom, Inc. an experiential digital marketing, brand, and social media agency. Pam is a social media and marketing speaker, author, coach, trainer and consultant. She helps business leaders find their passion and use it to inspire and connect with target audiences to nurture authentic customer relationships with relevant communications and innovative, integrated marketing tactics that fuel business growth and sustainability. Also a best-selling author of two books. One including the Relationship Age, co-authored with Mari Smith.

In this module you’ll learn…

■Social media trends and how they impact your business

■Learn where the opportunities exist online for business owners

■Research & analysis for how some of the largest brands are using social media

■How to create a million dollar brand

■Branding tips & techniques that you need to know when using social media

■How to use social media to create massive exposure for your new brand

Session 2: Facebook Launch Formula

Date: Thursday March 31st 7pm EST Featuring: Nick Unsworth, CEO NU Media 2.0

Bio: Social Media Pro who teaches entrepreneurs, small business owners, and service professionals how to profitably build a tribe of raving fans, followers, and customers. Nick is also the founder of NU Media 2.0 which is a boutique digital media consulting firm that focuses on ROI based social media marketing. Nick has consulted over 100 small business owners and has notable clients including Red Robin, Keller Williams Realty, McCue Mortgage, and many more.6

In this module you’ll learn…

■How to launch your first fan page or re-launch your existing page for maximum viral exposure and ROI

■How to go from 0-1,000 fans in less than 30 days

■Turn your fans into raving brand advocates by using contests & custom applications

Session 3: How to Build & Optimize Your Facebook Page

Date: Tuesday, April 5th 7pm EST Featuring: David Foster, CEO Fan Page Engine.com

Bio: David believes that by making social marketing simpler and more affordable, small businesses can grow a loyal customer base and thrive in a struggling economy. That is exactly why he founded FanPageEngine.com that provides a FB page building service while providing excellent training and resources to their customers.

In this module you’ll learn…

■Quick recap of the most critical Facebook marketing fundamentals

■How to correctly set up and optimize your personal profile6

■How to optimize your Facebook Fan Page

■Biggest mistakes case studies

■Crucial elements to have on your page

■How to create the right experience on your page

Session 4: How to Optimize Your Facebook SEO

Date: Tuesday, April 12th Featuring: Brian Moran, CEO Get 10,000 Fans

Bio: Entrepreneur and FB marketing expert who got his first fan page Train Baseball to 10,000 fans in a few months then went on to start Get 10,000 Fans.com. He teaches business owners how to get over 10,000 fan on FB in months not years.

In this module you’ll learn…

■How to get your Facebook page ranked on Google

■How to rank #1 on Facebook search

■Advanced strategies on how to get fans

Session 5: Contests That Crush It

Date: Thursday April 7th Featuring: Zach Johnson, CEO ZBizInc.com

Bio: ZbizInc.com is a results based digital marketing agency that helps their clients build out their social marketing strategy, generate targeted leads, and most importantly helps them convert the leads. Clients include: Anthony Robbins, Traffic Geyser, Hope for Haiti, Strategic Ventures, Original Seed, All Access Merchandising, Engage Today, Media Samurai and many more. In this module you’ll learn…

■Large brand contest case studies that created tens of thousands of actions

■How to run a contest to maximize exposure & ROI

■Review of the Facebook Mastery Summit contest

■Resources on how you can run your contest

Session 6: Advanced Content Engagement Strategies

Date: Thursday, April 14th 7pm EST Featuring: Amy Porterfield, author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies

Bio: Authentic, exceptionally talented and has a true passion to help others become successful using social media marketing. Amy hasworked with Harley-Davidson, Anthony Robbins, Traffic Geyser, and many more. She is also a FB community manager for the Social Media Examiner.com. In this module you’ll learn…

■How to create an editorial calendar to grow your fans and create massive engagement

■Learn how “Facebook Experiences” will turn your fans into raving word-of-mouth advocates

■The 3 most popular posts to get fans to take action

Session 7: How to Track Your Social Media Marketing ROI

Date: Tuesday, April 19th 7pm EST Featuring: Nick Unsworth, CEO NU Media 2.0 In this module you’ll learn…

■How to listen online to gain market intelligence

■Reputation management tactics

■How to track & monitor the success of your social media marketing plan

Session 8: How to Optimize Your Facebook Advertising

Date: Thursday, April 21st 7pm EST Featuring: Brian Carter, CEO FanReach.net In this module you’ll learn…

■Intro to Facebook advertising

■How to target & find customers

■How to write ads that convert

■How to get your cost per click below 20 cents

■How to increase your Facebook page interaction and ensure fans see your posts

■How real businesses are making profits and how you can too

Session 9: Facebook Marketing for Enterprise Clients with Hundreds of Locations

Date: Tuesday, April 26th 7pm EST Featuring: Peter Heffring, CEO Expion.com

Bio: Peter is the founder of Expion.com and they provide Enterprise Social Media Management Software that manages multiple social profiles to monitor, communicate, and engage customers. Expion is one of two companies in the world that have “API” access to Facebook’s social network and the FB advertising platform. Clients include: Applebee’s, Coldwell Banker, Carolina Hurricanes, The Village Inn, Georgia Tech, Apple American Group and many other national brands.

In this module you’ll learn…

■How to deploy a social media plan from a national brand presence down to the local level

■Advanced Facebook advertising strategies for large brands

■Advanced market research using Facebook

■Advanced content & engagement strategies

Session 10: Social Media Management & Automation Strategies

Date: Thursday, April 28th 7pm EST Featuring: Babe Mooney, CEO Autopilot Marketing Bio: Social Media Management Expert. Babe is the creator of the 1st “Done for You” social media management solution for small business owners. She has worked with companies from many industries including health & wellness, real estate, and insurance.

In this module you’ll learn…

■How to put your social media on autopilot

■What parts of your social media to automate and what not to

■How to hire or outsource social media community managers

Session 11: How to Viral Buzz with Facebook Events

Date: Tuesday, May 3rd 7pm EST Featuring: Shane Stearns, Ryan Deiss’s Secret Weapon Bio: Shane Stearns is the FB marketing expert for Ryan Deiss who is one of the world’s leading internet marketers. Shane specializes in FB community building, advertising, FB events and much more.

In this module you’ll learn…

■How to use Facebook events to create massive viral exposure

■Set up tips and tricks

■Email marketing trick using Facebook events

Session 12: How to Use Video to Generate Leads

Date: Thursday, May 5th 7pm EST Featuring: Mike Koenigs, CEO Traffic Geyser

Bio: Product producer, speaker, and internet marketer Mike Koenigs is best known as the guy who created the Web 2.0 syndication service TrafficGeyser.com that distributes over a million videos per week and generates top ranking, web traffic and leads in minutes by sending video content to over 70 video sites, social bookmarking, social media, blog and podcasting directories. In this module you’ll learn…

■How to create killer videos that convert

■Rank your videos on Google to create inbound leads

■How to syndicate your videos to top video, article, and social sites

Session 13: How to Build a 6-Figure Social Media Consulting Business

Date: Tuesday May 10th 7pm EST Featuring: Kate Buck, CEO KBJOnline

Bio: Kate Buck (otherwise known as @katebuckjr on Twitter) is the Founder and CEO of KBJOnline, a social media management and consulting agency in Austin, Texas. Kate has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing as well as consulted with dozens of entrepreneurs, businesses and nonprofits both across the United States and internationally. She is also the co-founder of Pinqued, an interactive events production and marketing company, and has hosted wildly popular events at leading interactive marketing conferences around the country.

In this module you’ll learn…

■The steps that Kate took to build a massively successful social media consulting business

■How to acquire new customers

■How to fulfill and service your customers so that they get tangible results

■How to create a steady stream of referrals

Session 14: Mobile Marketing Strategies That You NEED to Know About

Date: Thursday, May 12th 7pm EST Featuring: Laura Betterly, CEO Yada, Yada Marketing, Inc. Bio: Laura does extensive public speaking and has been a featured speaker at CES (The Consumer Electronics Show), Winter Music Conference, NARAS, the Grammy’s organization as well as the Federal Trade Commission. Laura has also been interviewed and featured in such newspapers as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Newsday as well as on CNN, and NPR.

In this module you’ll learn…

■Why mobile marketing is the biggest opportunity that exists in marketing to date

■Simple ways to tap into mobile marketing

■Advanced mobile marketing strategies that will drive leads to your business

Session 15:  We will survey you, and let you decide the content for this session

Date: Tuesday May 17th 7pm EST Featuring: Don Crowther, CEO Social Profit Formula

Bio: Don is a world renown online expert who specializes in helping companies build their businesses online using social media and Internet marketing techniques. His social media training course, Social Profit Formula, is one of the leading social marketing training courses in the world. Don is a leading trainer, speaker and consultant in the social marketing space, and he’s looking forward to helping you grow your business! In this module you’ll learn…

Session 16-Bonus

■We’ll survey you…share your questions with us and then Don will create a 100% custom presentation to suit your needs. Stick with us and let’s crush it online together! Cheers, Nick

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  1. Hey Raena!

    Thank you so much for writing up this great blog post. It’s also ranking really high on Google which is cool.

    Keep on rocking and I’m really looking forward to keeping in touch.

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    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Nick,
      What an honor for you to show up at my blog! I love Hubze. I love the software. I love the Facebook Mastery Summit. I love eTribe. I love being a part of the Hubze Affiliate Squad. I loved meeting you at the Unstoppable Entrepreneur. JB is the man, but you are parallel to him. I really mean that. I am a loyal fan and I think David does a fantastic job with the Hubze blog. My goal is to spotlight at least 2 of his posts/month because they are so awesome. I’m laughing because I had no clue that pushing the post to my blog is ranking it higher in Google. I can’t make it to San Diego this time, but I have a feeling I will be able to attend a future event. Thanks!

      Raena Lynn

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