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Did you know that there are several services which allow you to create a book from your Facebook social media activities to preserve your Facebook Memories?

According to Mashable, there are 7 companies who provide a way for you to create a tangible Facebook book! I have been a Creative Memories Consultant for 10 years and I have always had an interest in taking pictures and preserving those pictures in tangible albums and books. I documented my life with pictures since high school and it is a passion I have carried throughout my lifetime and included my family.

I’m the type of person that loves to create posters, collages, and books. Long before scrapbooking became popular, I was visionary, but I didn’t know it at the time. The truth is I would be been a billionaire if I had recognized my talents at that time. This article is a review of Facebook Memory Books. I have no affiliation or compensation attached to any of the listed companies. I think this these alternatives to create a published, tangible book or project is very exciting. I anticipate that within a couple of years there will be hundreds of these types of companies. Some prices are approximate and may not include taxes, shipping, and handling. One final thought is a couple of these are aps, such as Facebook Social Media ap and if you are concerned with privacy, be sure to check the requirements. Some of them have hefty privacy requests. Some people don’t care so if that is you, then you will love these!

1.  Jot Journal provides a way to produce a 32-page glossy soft cover 8-inch square book. You can generate a preview of the publication so you can delete items you do not want to appear in the book. The design will refresh with new content and when you are happy with the content, you can submit publication.

Cost is $15.00







2. EgoBook-is a personalized book created from your status updates, posted and tagged photos, wall posts, links and comments as well as content from friends you select. You get a personalized cover with your profile pictures and “about me” over a photographic mosaic of all your friends.

Cost depends on the page numbers and vary from $29.95 to $44.95 on average. You can order your EgoBook or a friend’s !


Egobook Egobook


3. Social Memories is a 28 page infographics all about you. Your book shows your most active Facebook friends, social trends, whom you’ve most tagged, and a pie chart of their star signs. Social Memories produces a nice conversation piece. One thing you should know is if you

Cost $27.00


Social Memories Social Memories







4. Social Print Shop–This social media company offers a variety of offers which include tweet prints, and facebook posters. Another project Is the “mini Photo Book.” If you want to create a version of some of your favorite Facebook albums and/or pictures, this is one alternative. The Facebook app makes ordering a cinch. The Print Shop also has Twitterprints, Mini stickers, and Tumblr Posters.

Cost $16 for 2 small spiral books


Memory Book





Social Prints






5. Yearbound-This company offers 5 different designs in hard and soft backed styles. The Facebook app is user friendly and lets you select a year. You can choose exactly what you would like to appear on your printed pages such as you wall photos, mobile uploads, tagged photos, status update, notes, friends, etc. you will get a free PDF version as well so now is the time to give it a try because this offer  may not always be here.

Costs from $25.00



Facebook Yearbook Facebook Yearbook








6. Book of Fame is a blank notebook. It is available as a 200 page hard-cover or a 320 page soft-cover book. You can get a status update and thumbnail picture form your Facebook buddies on the boot of every page. It is simple and you can choose your cover design from patterns or a photo wall of your friends.

Approximate cost $20.00



Facebook of Fame Facebook of Fame








7. Yearly Leaf-This company is taking reservations with plans to start shipping in June 2011. This product is described as “a coffee table book meets a Molseskine for the Facebook set” and will consist of content from your Facebook stream published in the style of a notebook.

Cost From $25



Facebook Yearly Leaf Facebook Yearly Leaf



Make memories because no one can take them away~

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