Ecolutionary Gangster Gardeners

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Gangster Gardeners is a term created by Ron Finley. He is a man who has made a difference in his community.

He has such passion for something that is so basic and  is using GARDENING to solve life’s problems! See how one man’s idea can make a huge impact on his community. This video proves that one person can make a difference. This is a “feel good-have to share video.”

I have a huge “Aggie” heart. I’ve gardened most of my life and taught ornamental horticulture and vegetable gardening courses to high school students and adults. I have experienced the effect of pride and purpose which develops from growing my own food personally, and with other people. I love the concept of sustainability.

For several years I produced a surplus of all types of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, garlic, peas, squash, carrots, radishes, herbs, corn, and much more. My family enjoyed fresh vegetables during every season and I was able to share some with my neighbors.

What is the significance of this image?  Watch the video below about Gangster Gardeners.

Gangster Gardners

 I hope you enjoyed this video with Ron Finley  and his Ecolutionary Gangster Gardeners.

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12 thoughts on “Ecolutionary Gangster Gardeners

  1. HEY Raena!!!

    This one really got to me! My story is that I had to move from NYC to upstate NY to be around organic farmers. Just to EAT!

    This guy is so inspiring, that I want to dig up my back lawn and grow food again. I did grow my own food when my daughter was young way back in the day. When I moved here, I have a large yard. Tried to grow stuff, but not enough sun. But after seeing this, I’m inspired to get that Kale growing again.

    If only people would know what the heck they are putting into their bodies with fast foods, processed foods, and GMOs I think they would plant their own food every where they can. From yards to fire-escapes in the cities. (I’ve done that too)

    When he says growing food is like printing your own money, he is spot on. Thanks for sharing this awesome message. I will pass this on to as many as I can.


    1. What I love about this story is that this is one guy who looked at a problem and started working on his own solution. That solution connected to a bigger purpose that is now transforming communities. I agree with you, Donna: I want to start my own garden! This past year I’ve been making green smoothies in my Vitamix blender, and I would love to put my own vegetables in those smoothies 🙂 Thanks, Raena Lynn, for sharing this inspiring story.

      1. Raena Lynn

        Hi Steve,

        Thanks for your comments. I know green smoothies are incredible. I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and it was an eye opener! I juice, and I used fruit and vegetables, but I wouldn’t call them green smoothies. I loved my gardens in the past, but at the present time, I don’t have one. This video is an inspiration to get out and accomplish something for the good of other people. I’m glad you liked it!

        Raena Lynn

  2. Adrienne

    He is so inspiring Raena! Wow, what a wonderful thing he’s doing and he’s right. Obesity in the US is out of control and when kids are young they eat what you give them. Make better choices for them and we’ll be in a much better place overall.

    My sister-in-law has a garden in her backyard but she lives out in the country on five acres. As you know, I live in a condo and I can’t even grow grass in my small area that you would call a backyard. It’s way too shaded but I also don’t have the room of course. I would love to be able to eat fresh foods. They are so expensive where I live which is why I go for the frozen stuff instead. No fast food junkie here my friend.

    I so admire what he’s doing though and thanks for sharing this video. It really touched me as well.


  3. Steve Vernon says:

    Hey Raena! I commented on Facebook, but thought this is well worth commenting here, too! Fantastic video about such a simple idea that can change so many lives. Every city, not only in America but around the world, could use a Ron Finley and more than a few “ecolutionary” gangster gardners! Go Ron!!!!!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Steve,

      I don’t post many videos, but once in awhile I find one that stands out above the rest. Ron Finley has done a wonderful thing for his community by being a leader and taking a stand. Teaching sustainability and pride is honorable. Gangster gardening could become viral, and as you said, every city, not only in America but around the world, can start these types of projects and make drastic changes for hundreds, or maybe thousands of people. Imagine!

      Raena Lynn

  4. Hi Raena! I for one Love fresh vegetables!! Growing up my grandpa had a garden in our back yard, I was always out there working by his side and as I got older I continued on with his tradition. Gardening has always been a passion of mine and Yes it is very therapeutic. Well a few years back we had an early spring here in the north woods of Wisconsin and my garden was looking good by the end of June. I worked a double at the casino on the 4th of July and was beat by the time I got home and you will never guess what happened!

    It froze that night and I lost everything. This was the last time I have had a garden Raena. but I have a very good friend who has a Green House and I work for him in exchange for fresh vegi’s and love it.

    I do think more people need to introduce vegi’s to their children, it is just to easy to feed them can goods and junk food. This video with Ron Finley was eye opening, I love his garden Wow!! What a great idea, I cannot believe they gave him a warrant.. We need more people in this world like him, ones who are not afraid to do things against the odds.

    Great video, Love the message…Thanks for sharing. Chery 🙂

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Chery,

      It’s sad that you stopped gardening after the freeze. I had that happen one year. I planted too early thinking the last frost was over, and lost everything I had planted which included many different summer vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and peas. It was heartbreaking. I had started my baby tomatoes indoors from seed and nurtured them until they were ready for outdoor planting…or so I thought! It’s tough! So that year, I had to buy starter tomatoes to replace them because it was too late to begin a new batch from seed.

      I can feel the passion you have for gardening and it is great that you have found an exchange to get fresh vegetables. I too love fresh vegetables and how wonderful they are in every way. That is one reason this video appealed to me. It is a video beyond the love for gardening. Ron Finley is spreading sustainability and serving so many people in his community and his efforts and courage may be the start of something very big!

      Raena Lynn

      1. Hi Raena Lynn, I just had to respond to your comment 🙂 No it is not sad that I no longer have my own garden, My friend Dave keeps me very busy in his Green House and we don’t have to worry about the weather and I do not have to worry about the fuel bills, “Sorry Dave” It is the 12 of April and Yes it is 28 degree’s here in the north woods of Wisconsin. So the growing season this year will be very short.

        I to have always started all my plants inside, this is something I learned from my grandpa, but Northern Wisconsin Weather is so unpredictable that I am very grateful to have a friend who lets me help him in exchange for fresh vegi’s 8 months out of the year.. Our weather here is nothing like California..

        I love what Ron is doing and wish more people in this world would pay attention to gardening. This is basically free food and the Best Food you can find.

        Thanks again Raena! Yes I am Passionate about this subject. I love to work in the garden and wish more people would step up just like Ron is doing!!

  5. Hi Raena,

    That was great. This guy really had a brilliant idea.

    What’s interesting is that it’s not a complicated idea, but it’s just something he had to think about. I can’t believe that the city gave him a warning for doing such beautiful thing and I’m so glad that they didn’t prevail.

    I used to have a garden here in NC when I owned my house with my ex-husband, and I know I will again in the future.

    I grew up in a huge house with a big garden and my mother used to grow tons of vegetables. There nothing like to eat the food that you grow.

    Thanks for this great share.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Sylviane,

      Wow, another similarity! When I was growing up, my mother used to grow a ton of vegetables too! She tried all different vegetables including tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, potatoes and a bunch more. We also had fresh fruit and nut trees. I loved summer because of the fresh fruit and vegetable. There is nothing like it…I agree! Of course, I did the same for my girls and they were fortunate to experience fresh garden vegetables. My oldest thought she hated tomatoes, until she had them ripe off the vine. It is sad that some of the children in the video didn’t know what they were missing, but he changed so many lives by being courageous and do what he believed was right. Thanks for you comment. You know I appreciate it.

      Raena Lynn

  6. Michael Shook

    I live not too far from LA, far enough that I don’t go there too often, but much of the city, especially South Central, looks like a wasteland. How beautiful to be able to have a place of natural wonder and creativity in the middle of the parking lots and concrete.

    And to view creating a life of sustainability as a mission without hammering on others is a real blessing in the world. I had never heard of this gentleman before, thank you for taking the time to share his ideas and project with us.

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