Is There Money To Be Made On The Internet?

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Is there money to be made on the internet?

If you are overwhelmed and wondering if it really is possible to make money on the internet by network marketing? The following post is my brief answer to this question.

Yes. There is money to be made online, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  Any program you join, you have to either recruit others and/or make sales. Both of those require learning, developing skill sets,  and work. It took me years to learn. Lead generation is one part of the equation, but conversion, or turning leads into sales is the most challenging part. I really understand the overwhelm that beginners have. I’ve been there. The longer you research and make mistakes, the more you recognize what really has the possibility to create an income or not.

Establishing a sustainable online business takes money too, and sometimes a lot of it!  I finally found the program that has what I was looking for, but I spent thousands of dollars trying to find the right one. I was able to quit my job last year because I found a primary program along with a combination of  systems that work. Once I figured out the pattern I needed to generate money, I continue the “rinse and repeat” routine. I prefer affiliate marketing, but it is important to choose one that is worth your marketing efforts. There are so many to pick, so the quality of the program and whether you implement or not is the key. Ultimately, an affiliate program with residual income is ideal and gives you the opportunity to build a sustainable long term business.

When anybody gets online with the intention of making money, one of the common beliefs is that you must create your own product to do so. Creating your own products is the best way if you can promote and distribute it in mass numbers and you build an army of affiliates. That is exactly what the top earners do. Generally, their influence spans to hundreds of followers, which they earned. In other words, they paid their dues. You may not have the influence as you are working your way up, but using leverage in the meantime is the best route to take. Maybe you need to generate money to build first, so one way is through affiliate marketing and using the magic of leverage. It’s essential to promote programs with a higher per cent commission, take action, and invest in paid advertising. My preferred method of paid advertising is solo ads for many reasons which is a topic in itself.

The sad news is there is no secret. There is no magic bullet. There is no get rich quick programs. Revenue share and/or cycler programs are a great example of getting involved with something that ultimately will become a total waste of time and money. Here is one definition of cycler programs: Money Doublers, Single-Line Matrix & Multiple-Level Matrix Programs, and Randomizers. Most programs of this type have a commission system based on a specified percentage of the member’s deposit or from recruiting downline members, which is usually paid out at the time a matrix is filled or a line cycles. My experience is “Buyer Beware.”  I admit I dabbled in a few, and my experience warns you to be careful.  I resist promoting any of those types of programs. There are some people who have made money with them, but I am not one. A majority of players usually lose or they cannot withdraw or have access to any money generated. For those of you who like to gamble and play, then it’s up to you, but I’ve been burned. If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually isn’t.

I really want to help people duplicate what I’ve done, but it is sometimes difficult because everyone is in a different situation. I am an internet marketer/entrepreneur that loves what I do. It took me a long time and I encountered many struggles and challenges to make it, but tenacity was on my side. Many people don’t have the money to invest, and sadly they will continue to just spin their wheels.  Many people don’t have the mindset needed for abundance. The first step is defining what abundance means to you, then set your goals to achieve them. Then you have to work very hard to shatter outdated, old useless beliefs which may be holding you back.  Your success will depend upon your mindset and whether you are ready to receive.

I get frustrated because people want to make money so desperately and they sign up for programs, but then do not do one thing to move it forward and they either won’t or can’t invest in advertising. The same thing goes for offline businesses. Could you imagine any offline business starting out that could survive without advertising?

We are bombarded daily with emails promising quick and easy money. Money will pop into your life without doing anything. Nothing can be further than the truth! Some offers are good and will work if you engage and work it with focus and dedication. EVERY program requires effort. They can and will work if approached with a “do whatever it takes to work attitude.” However, some programs are better than others.

My intent to answer this question Is There Money To Be Made On The Internet? is not to promote any particular program or tool or method. I promote quality programs which work for me and I believe can work for others. I am happy to share what I do if you contact me personally.


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17 thoughts on “Is There Money To Be Made On The Internet?

  1. Hi Raena!

    I was just having a conversation today with David about this very thing! So many people we notice lately from his end and mine are part of that large percentage that “do not make it” in business.

    I for one am hearing so many excuses that “I don’t have money to start with” and to me that is a pretty silly response. Why? Because in ANY business, offline, or online we need a start-up cost. It can be a small or large budget but we must have one!
    Or…worse yet “I purchased that program months ago but didn’t get a chance to view it. Well you know it is just a scam anyway” WHAT? Yes..I’ve heard this kind of thing lately. Or the “I don’t want to spend money on advertising!” Yes very frustrating! SMH

    It takes everyone a while to make money on the internet. Just ask anyone who has. They will tell you the uphill climb they had to make to finally find something that fit, and just rinse and repeat. That’s the way to go.

    I’ve seen you for a while online and watch you grow. Now you are on that “breaking point” whereby you are making it and you certainly deserve it Raena. You have come a long way with your heart and soul.


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Donna,

      You make a great point about having a budget. The important thing is to have one. We’ve all heard the stories about multi-level earners starting out with tiny budgets. Or if they were broke, or on the verge of homelessness, or were homeless, somehow they found the money to get going. It always goes back to mindset. I look back on my journey, which is just beginning, and I could say I wasted too much time to make it, but every challenge, every struggle, every setback was another stepping stone to getting closer to my goals. Thank you for your kind comments. I really appreciate it and you are right on target. I have come a long way with my heart and soul and that one factor is the main reason I made it. Now, my mission is to pave the way for others. I literally had to start from a new life with zero means…so if I can do it, others can too if they have heart and soul.

      Raena Lynn

  2. Sue Price

    Hi Raena

    Of course there is money to be made and yes it takes time. I have heard a few stories of people who have come online and made good money quickly. Mainly in EN but the people who did it really hustled and worked social media.

    For people who do not have a big budget they need to put in the sweat equity. I personally think some of that as well as a marketing budget is a good way to learn.

    I first started out with a partner and a business selling appareil to businesses. Hats and lanyards and stuff. It took that business time and a lot of work. My ex-business partner is now rocking it with the work.

    I am not sure where people got the idea they could come online and have instant success. When I started with my blog there was a woman in my syndication group who gave herself 3 months or she was out of it. Please!

    Great post and topic Raena.


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Sue,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree there are some people who come online and make good money quickly. I believe those are the exceptions and there are factors to consider. Many may have had larger budgets to invest or were willing to take risks to access the money they needed. There is no doubt that they also had to work hard. Early on I spoke to a multi-level earner and he told me he didn’t make one dime his first year. He was an inspiration for me and put things into perspective. We see the success after it is achieved and do not realize what “sweat equity” they put in to get there. Those who rise to the top quickly engage in massive action and they become the top percent marketers. Regardless of the program or system, there are many success stories we hear about daily, but when you compare them to the masses of people seeking online income, it is still a small percentage. I love your business sense!

      Raena Lynn

  3. Silviu says:

    Hi Raena,

    It is true. When you are a beginner you are very excited and full of energy. You want to conquer the world. In just 5-6 months you are overwhelmed and confused. You have worked hard but the results are miserable etc.
    “There are so many to pick”. Yes, but this is a big part of the problem. Which one to choose? For me time is not a problem, work is not a problem. Trust is the main problem.
    You don’t know what to try, you don’t know what program to pick, you don’t know who to follow. This last part is the most devastating one. There is no guarantee you will get a good training when you pay. It doesn’t matter you pay 100 dollars or 1000 dollars. It can be a waste of time.
    What I really hate is that most marketers I have met sell a system with gaps. It works until a specific point. Then you discover you have no information to pass that point. when you ask the marketer he or she says:
    “OK. This needs a one on one session with me. It costs you 300 dollars. My time is expensive.” This is the moment when you are stuck. After the first gap another one will follow. Another 300 dollars. This is not the way to succeed. This is the way to bankruptcy.
    Network marketing or internet marketing?
    For me network marketing means recruiting people, direct sales and personal charisma.
    This is not my thing.
    Internet marketign is more “indirect” . You don’t need to talk to anybody on skype to persuade him or her to join an organization or buy something. I like this. More suitable for me.
    Affiliate marketing? Yes. I like the idea. However, it is the same problem of choosing and finally Trust. If you really trust somebody you will find the money to invest in that persons’ training or products.
    It seems that you recommend affiliate marketing + paid advertising. You remind me of Jo Barnes who uses paid advertising a lot and recommends it. What about the organic traffic? Is it just dust in people’s eyes?
    What is a cycler program?

    OK. I would gladly contact you and have a talk about internet marketing or affiliate marketing. I am not interested in recruiting people or direct sales.

    Have a nice day

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Silviu,

      I love your candid and realistic response. Everything you said rings true. There are no guarantees in any system, program, or training. I’ve been there and I can feel your frustration and I’m sure so many have felt “stuck.”

      As to organic traffic, I believe it is the highest quality, best traffic overall. However it takes longer to create results but it can be the most specific targeted traffic with the highest conversions. I don’t think it is dust in people’s eyes. The intent of my post was to briefly address affiliate marketing and paid advertising. Organic traffic and branding is a different topic.

      You said, “Internet marketing is more “indirect”. You don’t need to talk to anybody on skype to persuade him or her to join an organization or buy something. I like this. More suitable for me.” I understand your position. Building teams and continuous networking is not for everyone. Marketers have the ability to keep a lower profile using affiliate marketing, but they can use either “indirect” or branding and can run their business any way they prefer. Organic traffic, in order to convert, must ultimately turn into network marketing because you have to develop relationships, connect with each person whether it is on Skype, or telephone or email. For those who prefer organic traffic, network marketing is the way to go.

      Here is one definition of cycler programs: Money Doublers, Single-Line Matrix & Multiple-Level Matrix Programs, and Randomizers. Most programs of this type have a commission system based on a specified percentage of the member’s deposit or from recruiting downline members, which is usually paid out at the time a matrix is filled or a line cycles. My experience is “Buyer Beware.”

      Thanks again for your comments and I’d be happy to explain to you what I am doing. I really appreciate your honesty.

      Raena Lynn

  4. Nile

    There are definitely a lot of opportunities online to make money. I’ve tried quite a few of them out of curiosity. I find myself more drawn to opportunities that appeal to my creativity.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Nile,

      You are already at the right place at the right time. Your creativity shows with whatever you do and you deserve to win the Small Business Influencer Award 🙂

      Raena lynn

  5. Jackie Walker says:

    As a non internet marketer, I’ve read your post with a willingness to learn what it took – and with delight and a clap of my hands, I see it’s the same as any other business! There is no magic pill, there’s a lot of trial and error, and moreover, our beliefs have to change through each one of those as we learn to let go of our naive thinking that there’s instant success. Congratulations on persevering through thick and thin.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Jackie,

      Yes, you are right. There is no magic pill or silver bullet or secret for any online or offline business. I’m speaking of a long term, sustainable business; not a hobby. Thank you for your kind words. I have persevered, and it also took consistency, tenacity, determination, steadfastness, effort etc. Once anyone discards the instant success concept, they will clear the path for real success. Thanks again. I really appreciate your comment.

      Raena Lynn

  6. Tom Jamieson

    Hello Raena.
    I believe there is money to be made on the internet. In fact that is probably more true now than it has ever been, and the opportunities will only grow in the future. However, you are right about the work. I had a professor that used to say “There is no free lunch.” You have to put the time and effort in to reap the rewards. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Tom,

      I agree with you. Today, more than ever, there is money to be made on the internet. The systems, affiliate programs, and technology improves continuously and the ease of making money online is a reality for more and more people. For example, a little over a year ago, there were very few affiliate programs that offered 100% commissions. Today there are many. Successful results require determination, implementation, and consistency. In plain terms, a lot of hard work! Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      Raena Lynn

  7. Jeevan Jacob John

    Hey Reana,

    There is indeed money to make, but like to mentioned, it’s not easy. If you want a regular source of income from internet, then it’s going to take a lot of effort, time and of course, money.

    I haven’t had much experience with making money online, but I have made some money (mainly through guest blogging contests). I really didn’t have an ambition to make any money online, but that changed over time.

    I have tried affiliate marketing too, but it didn’t work (same mistakes). Back then, I didn’t quite know how things worked. I also had a plan to make money through Kindle Books (and I had started working on Kindle books), but I didn’t continue as I decided to quit blogging for a while (that was one year ago).

    Now I am back to blogging and I do have a plan 😀 I have learned a lot from my past mistakes (frankly, I am glad that those mistakes happened, or else I might have committed it in the future). Right now, I am planning to make some money through guest blogging, and use the money to start a new blog (And then start a product – maybe resume my Kindle books project or start one. I also plan to use email marketing + affiliate marketing for another source of money).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your insights, Raena!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Jeevan,

      It sounds like you’ve had enough experience to narrow down your plan of action. I totally agree with you about mistakes. When we make them sometimes it’s difficult to see the value, but in the long run every one always provides a lesson we can rely upon in the future.

      Affiliate marketing has its pros and cons, and may not be for everybody. You are on the right track and I wish you great success with your guest blogging and a future product! Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate your visit!

      Raena Lynn

  8. Adrienne

    Okay, what happened to my comment Raena? I left one shortly after you wrote this post but coming back by for a visit I see it’s not here! Man, I so hate that when that happens. Guess I’ll start over and give my two cents worth, again. lol…

    Like most people who venture online I had no clue what I was doing. I will share though that I bought a $37 eBook and devoured it. It was a seven day step-by-step outline course of exactly what you should do and I did it. I think the lucky thing for me was the course said that it would probably take you several months for you to start generating an income because it took that long for your content to be seen. Guess what happened to me though! I made money on my third day, my fifth day and my seventh day and not only made back my investment but a profit. I was hooked.

    You have to do the work but you shouldn’t expect immediate results. I have no idea how those people found my content that soon but I was not complaining and knew it worked.

    Like anything else though you have to invest money to make money but like with me, it didn’t take much to get me started. Granted, that method didn’t end up lasting too terribly long because once again Google changed their algorithms and everything went to pot. What I did learn though that it was possible if you’re willing to do the work. Trust me, it’s SO worth it.

    Great share and I agree with you 100%.


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Adrienne,

      You are a quick learner! Congratulations on following through. I’m not surprised that your content was found quickly. It’s good and Google likes it!

      The key is to do the work. There are thousands of courses out there. Once you commit to buying a course, many of them work if someone takes the time to implement. The internet is a tremendous resource to learn whatever you need to get results, but you have to give yourself time to get through a learning curve. It sounds like yours was very short with your example. The fact that you used the word “devoured” is significant. It didn’t sit on the shelf for a week. You applied the steps which resulted in success! You are proof that there is profit to be made when an opportunity is approached with enthusiasm.

      There is a plethora of mentors, trainers, or coaches which can be found on the internet to help through any challenges, so in a nice way, I’m saying “no excuses.”

      I remember the Google slap, if it is the “big one” I think you are referring to. At that time I went through a similar experience. Change is expected daily in this business, so we move on.

      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it!

      Raena Lynn

  9. Viola Tam

    Hi Raena,

    EVERY program requires effort! How true! Far too many people want to have magic bullets and ended hopping from program to program. It is indeed sad.

    Like you, I have also invested thousands of dollars into various tools and programs. I am glad that I have eventually found a way that I can have my own leads. YET, you are right, other challenges have to be tackled. How about traffic to the blog? What about the conversion rate?

    It is really wonderful that you are now in a position to teach others to follow the program(s) that worked for you! The investment in great programs cannot be under-estimated. Like Sue mentioned, those without the funds need to put in ‘ sweat equity’.

    I trust that people with abundance mindset will have the creativity to ‘problem solve’ the initial money issue. Instead of saying “I can’t afford it.”, they will be asking “How can I afford it?”. Unless one is dead broke, how about selling some of the ‘stuff’ to fund the success journey?

    This is such a heart-felt success tips< Rae! Keep up the good work!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

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