Let The Game Begin!

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I am participating in Jonathan Budd’s Unstoppable Billionaire which includes the 90 Day Challenge called The Ultimate Game of Life. I’ve decided to keep a journal for my accountability as a second route in addition to my accountability partner. The program started on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. We had a few days to practice our journey. The following post includes my journal entries and posts to my fellow TUG Members.

First Post-Tuesday, May 18, 2011

Rough Draft!

Wealth-Become Financially Independent.  Develop a $5000.00 income/month so I need to sign up 10 people in my affiliate companies using Strive for 5 in 90 days, Daily TSA, Daily 10 blogs, 1 post or video daily, Tweet 10 for each. Establish Niche by completing 1 module/week. I’m on Module 3. Set up 1 marketing task per week which include either auto responder campaign, opt-in, direct letters, or personal contact. Develop an eBook by the end of 90 days. Refine habits in The Ultimate Game.

Health-Release my weight by 8 pounds (I learned that last night) and build fitness by riding my bicycle daily and becoming more fit. Walk my puppy on difficult days. Eat color foods (not candy), drink at least 4 cups of water, avoid anything bad for cleansing mind, spirit, and body. 10 minute visualization daily, and upgrade my environment. I need to work on the visualization and quietness.

Happiness-Learn to function independently, financially, and spiritually. Do something special for someone I love daily, do 1 scrapbook task daily, call or connect with 1 friend or family member for quality time once/week i.e. lunch, movie, cropping etc. for fun. Be prepared in advance for the day. Pack 2 boxes/day.  The fulfillment of being organized helps me to feel happy.

Wow-I completed more in 1 hour this morning than usually taking the whole darn day! Have to go to work, but I can focus because of what I’ve accomplished this morning! I’m invigorated, clear headed, and purposeful! I notice that the financial independence is huge for me.

May 19, 20, and 2, 2011-Three days of acclimation, setting values, goal setting, habit setting, making decisions, practicing, tweaking the order, etc.

The Game of Life is ON!

Summary Plan for Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wealth-Saturday-Started Mkt. Project -5,5,5,10, TSA Commitment, Blog Post

Health-Saturday-Ride My Bicycle, Healthy Foods-Eat a majority of color foods, no boxes or fast food all day.

Happiness-Saturday-Pack 2 boxes, Visited  Marta and socialized with everyone with an open heart, started developing pictures, Start Unstoppable Layout, Costco, Review  Mission, Map, Purpose, Values (MMPV) Kelsie and her prom dress, Called Cheryce.

Recap-Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happiness-I just got back from my friends “going away potluck.” She’s amazing. She has a rare cancer and no one who has ever had it on the planet has lived past 2 years. She is on 3 1/2 years! However, she is now in hospice care and decided to throw herself her own “going away potluck.” It was held on this beautiful spring day at a beautiful park. When I arrived, there she is in her hospital bed under the trees!

She is a wonderful person and a nice crowd showed up! I’ve always described her as “An angel on Earth.” Family and friends gathered in her honor and she is here to see it! We shared life stories and fun times. Anyway she did it because she’s strong and she said, I won’t be able to remember my funeral! I know it sounds weird, but it was a lovely time. What I noticed about it was, my heart was open, my head was clear, I lived in the present, I freely gave hugs, I felt at peace, I admired her courage, and I chose only healthy foods without overeating.

Summary Plan for Sunday, May 28, 2011

Wealth-Sunday-Started Mkt. Project, TSA Commitment, 5, 5, 5, 10, Opt-In

Health-Sunday-Ride My Bicycle (RMB), Color foods, no boxes or fast food

Happiness-Sunday-Review Mission, Map, Purpose, Values (MMPV)

Recap-Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feeling fantastic today! I’m working on fulfilling my habits for the day in wealth, health, and happiness. I’ll be hopping on my bicycle in about 15 minutes. I’m proud of myself because I have ridden my bicycle every day this week.

I was getting dressed and putting on my socks and I looked at them and thought about how much I love putting on new socks. Believe it or not I just happened to have a pack of 6 new socks in my car that I purchased a few weeks ago and never took them out of my car.  I went out to the car and grabbed a pair. Wow, such a simple pleasure to pull brand new soft socks on my feet! It feels so good I feel content and cozy. New socks! Jim says big or small, tell it all…in so many words. I also have several lose ends I’m completing today. I wish everyone great transformation! Lovin it!

Summary Plan for Monday, May 23, 2011

Wealth-Monday- Mkt. Project, TSA Commitment, Post Video, 5, 5, 5, 10, Opt-In Page, Call Corky

Health-Monday-Ride My Bicycle, Color foods, no boxes or fast food, Walk Po Po, Relaxation

Happiness- Monday-P2B, Review Mission, Map, Purpose, Values (MMPV), Pictures, call Anita, Journal
Recap-Monday, May 23, 2011

Health-Monday-Ride my bicycle-Yesterday I was in a coffee shop and a couple stopped by. They rode their bicycles from Vancouver Canada! You talk about physically fit! Wow. It was if they were the perfect result of riding a bicycle to get fit. They are living The Ultimate Game of Life without knowing it. They were vibrant, fit, happy, peaceful, and powerful. It was fun to meet and connect with them. It was amazing because I’ve been riding my bicycle daily this week. I know it sounds easy to get on my bicycle every day, but it really takes a lot of conscious effort. I love riding my bicycle, but it’s just making the decision to get on and go! I need to change my thinking from “It is a hassle to get it out of my car, reattach the front wheel, ride, then take it apart and put it back to “I’m so fortunate to own such a beautiful bicycle and I appreciate that I have it! (I don’t have a bike rack, and my location prevents me from just getting on and going. I need to eat color foods today so I’m leaving early to the store to make that happen.

Happiness- Monday-I doubled up on my box packing because I was out of town yesterday. So I’ll pack 4 boxes. I started a morning ritual of what I call MMPV-Review Mission, Map, Purpose, Values-I have a difficult time doing the “quiet meditation” at this time in the process, so this way I can force myself to quietly review and reflect my purpose before pursuing the day, develop pictures for my scrapbook, call and connect with my lifetime friend in San Diego. My prayers are with the people in Joplin, Missouri and Minneapolis. God bless them.

A quick recap of yesterday. I did everything I said I would do today. I’m looking forward to connecting with my partner. I pat myself on the back for getting through this first week without an accountability partner, but it is going to be so much more awesome this week. Accountability is awesome.

I am participating in Jonathan Bud’s Unstoppable Millionaire and a part of the program is the 90 Day challenge which is called The Ultimate Game of Life. I’ve decided to keep myself accountable in addition to my partner, that I will journal my journey.

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10 thoughts on “Let The Game Begin!

  1. David says:

    Go Raena! It’s great to read these daily updates of yours. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi David,

      I’m posting these once a week throughout the duration of the 90 day challenge. I’m doing it for 2 reasons:

      1) Accountability
      2) Sharing what is possible.

      I really don’t expect many people to comment on the process. It is selfishly for me and my blog is a perfect place to post my progress and keep a record of what my experience will be as I move to the end. Thanks for your support on Mastermind Partner Program. You’ve been so helpful to the group and all of us really appreciate it!
      Raena Lynn

  2. Vitoria says:

    Hey Raena!!!

    I’m so glad you did post your new, exciting, amazing journey!

    I’m so happy for you, you can’t imagine. Things always happen for a reason but we also need to go for it. And that’s it. You are doing it and the outcome is already being well worth! I can feel how you feel and that’s a really powerful energy!

    I’m so happy to be your friend. Really proud of you.

    Love & light.


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Vitoria,

      My sweet friend! Thanks for everything. You are so awesome and I really want you to know that you are! Your heart is so sincere. Today I noticed on the MMP page that you made a suggestion about getting the rest of the group on board with their blogs and pages! That is such a nice, kind, gesture that everyone overlooked! You are in my thoughts…..daily! I mean it too!

      Raena Lynn

  3. Theuns says:

    Hi Raena

    I am proud of you , you are amazing.

    Your success is around the corner
    you are dedicated with you 0 plan
    and you will make it to the end.

    as the say just keep on keeping on
    and dont give up remember it begin
    in the mind and yours is were it must
    be create your world from the
    inside out.

    All the best for the 90 day and i love to
    hear how you are doing.


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Theuns,

      Thanks for your words of encouragement Theuns! It isn’t easy, as you know, to stay the course and plow through any obstacles that think “they are getting in the way.” I’ve dodged a bunch but the forest is getting clearer every day. I think I love the clarity the program exposes to me every day. Honestly I don’t think I would have come this far without the inspiration of the wonderful people I have met since February. One thing I have realized, which is major, is that I am learning to fulfill my values internally. Thank you for saying “Your success is around the corner.” I really feel that way too and it helps to receive the validation from someone I admire greatly. Thank you.

      Raena Lynn

  4. Wow Raena now that is a full day my friend.

    I know from our talks you are a teacher and that is a full time commitment in itself in a lot of ways.

    To do all of that and then come home and take care of your business as well is very impressive way to go and can’t wait for more updates.


  5. Jamie Bennett

    Wow! That’s awesome Raena. You are setting an example for us in taking the most important step in all of this success building stuff—that is, taking action.

    Very encouraging to see your goals posted for the day and then for you to comment that you got them done.

    Keep it up!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for the encouragement! I’m not doing it alone. I’m participating in The Ultimate Game of Life. I have an accountability partner, community support, superior coaching, and a positive environment! I’m in the right place at the right time!

      Raena Lynn

    2. Raena Lynn

      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for the encouragement! I’m not doing it alone. I’m participating in The Ultimate Game of Life. I have an accountability partner, community support, superior coaching, weekly webinars, laser coaching, and a positive environment! I’m in the right place at the right time!

      Raena Lynn

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