Living Synergistically And Turning On The Spigot


Deutsch: Gartenschlauch English: A Garden hose.

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Do you know what it means to live synergistically?

In the book, “Living Synergistically” The late T.D.Willhite expressed what it takes to truly align our conscious and subconscious thereby being able to tap into the power of the superconscious or “universal mind”. He helps us understand what blocks our desires, how balance becomes a key to achievement and what actions are mandatory to become limitless leaders. I want to share this excerpt from “Living Synergistically” by Thomas D Willhite:

“Picture in your mind a sweltering day. Out in the yard, lying on the grass, is a garden hose, rolled up in an orderly fashion, immobile but prepared for action…ready to be of service. It is a vehicle for the life-giving element of water, but it can give nothing and is of no value until the spigot is turned on. As the spigot is cracked open, the water may first come through in just a trickle. Take a drink from the hose. You will probably find that the hose contains stagnant water and perhaps tastes a little rubbery. The water was clean and pure when it left the spigot, but it has picked up impurities from the garden hose. Now, turn the spigot on full force! Taste the water again…is it not fresh and pure? This water has not had time to stagnate from lack of use.

So it is with man. Become aware that man is much like a garden hose. Man is the vehicle through which universal power will flow…when allowed to flow.

Universal power is ever present, but it may be stagnant from inactivity. Man has the ability to reach up, crack the valve, and allow this “water” to flow through him. The degree to which he opens the spigot will regulate the amount and quality of water coming through the hose. It is his choice. He can allow it to flow through him abundantly, or he can turn it off and say, “Well I’m stupid and a slow learner and just can’t do those things.” We need to discover how to allow this universal power to flower through us, and how to put its life-giving force to use in our lives. ”

Living synergistically means to keep moving forward

I would like to hear your feedback on this interesting analogy. The message is keep moving forward. Do not allow stagnation and keep growing.

Source: Living Synergistically, T.D.Willhite

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