Is A Mastermind Program For You?

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Is a Mastermind Program for you? Watch Our Mastermind Partner Program Slide Show

The  Mastermind Partner Program is an amazing group of like minded people who I consider family and is they are the cause of my successes so far. We started with 9 members and it is now 35 and there is a lot of synergy and leverage going on! This is what Mastermind Partner Program is all about. I was fortunate to find this group early on (first 9) and I know it wasn’t a coincidence.

Andrea is our leader of the group and  when it comes to teaching beginning marketers, I’ve used her techniques in my coaching to teach others. This group is worth its weight in gold! I’ve actually have saved thousands of unnecessary dollars trying to struggle through the learning curve and spending money on all the “get rich quick” schemes and/or programs. There is no such thing. The leaders I discussed, Mark Hoverson and Jonathan Bud DID NOT get rich quick. They worked their “you know whats” off, reinvested their earnings , worked with a coach/s and truly understand the concept of team work and leverage. All you have to do is listen to their stories. They had to start small to get big!

Mastermind Partner Program

Part of creating momentum in your business building involves creating situations (offers) where the choice to move forward is a no-brainer for the right group of people.

This is actually something that’s hard to ‘get’ but once you do, it’s so incredibly simple.

We are doing mini-launches (process map and webinars coming) and here is a list of the bonuses offered which we as members use as a rolling list of things we you can use either in its entirety or pluck whatever makes sense.

What does the Mastermind Partner Program offer?

Phase I – Silver Membership

(geared towards setting your foundation)

Focus: Getting all of your “Online Presence” loose ends in place and tied together.

  • Private member training site with continuing training additions like:
    • Facebook fanpage basics (including iframe)
    • WordPress site reviews & interactive Q&A
    • 30-day Video Challenge
    • You tube marketing and video promotion (SEO)
    • The basics of tracking and analytics
    • Step-by-step – how to mini-launch your business
    • How to create your own $7 optin offer
    • And more … we pick topics based on member interests
  • Customized getting started “Roadmap” – laced with YOUR affiliate links ($97 value)
  • Member area community space for brainstorming and connecting with the other MPP members (priceless)
  • Free access to ($81 value)
  • Bi-Weekly Silver Member webinars (priceless)
  • Private coaching page with topics geared to your personal gaps ($1350 value)
  • Webinar hosting learning opportunity in a safe environment (priceless)

Here is what I have to throw into this ALREADY value packed offer:

  • 8 weeks of one-on-one private coaching (energy focused on your specific areas of struggle or interest)($997 Value)
  • My “Be your own Social Media Manager” course (Social Media University ebook & tutorials) ($97 Value)
  • 90 days of skype brainstorming & instruction ($171 Value)
  • Access to my “Direct Sales” marketing series (TBA once avail) ($97 Value)
  • Teamviewer “hands on” trainings (as needed withing the 3mo coaching period)($75 Value)
  • Webinar/Optin/and mini launch assitance (3mo) ($Priceless)
  • Much more…

This is an ADDITIONAL $1,437 bonus offer (plus the standard MPP bonuses offered above)

The Value at this point far exceeds the one-time investment

What are you waiting for?

To join and get your spot reserved and start EARNING online today…

Go here–>“I want to be a Mastermind Partner” to get your membership started and get instant access to your bonuses!

If you need to connect with me first…that’s fine.

Shoot me an email:


Connect with me on Facebook: Raena Lynn

We can even connect on the phone or skype if you would

like…(just email first & will give you that info)

Looking forward to learning and earning together.

Let’s take your business to the next level. Together.

We’ll chat soon!



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