My Blog Made Me Proud-Thank You For Voting!

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top50mlmblogsI entered the MLM Top50 Blog Contest 2011 sponsored by MLSP and I made it in the top 50! My blog ranked #42 and when the contest results were released by George Fourie of That MLM Beat, I remember scrolling through the list feeling pleased and proud every time I saw one of my colleagues. I didn’t make the top 10, or 20, or 30 but as I scrolled through the results, I remember feeling YES! when I hit #42. Quite honestly, I was shocked that I made the list.

This Is The First Year I Entered the Top 50 Blog Contest!

I am so glad I did!I made the rounds and voted as much as I could to support as many people as I could. I had the opportunity to see some of the best, high caliber blogs on the internet! I learned about some of the things I’ve been doing incorrectly but some of the things I’ve been doing effectively on my blog.

I am proud of my rank in the blog contest because everything is relative. As an example, if I had entered last year and I was in the top 10, ranking #42 this year would have been a disappointment if I didn’t have a positive, “everything is relative attitude. I cannot say that it doesn’t matter how well you do. What matters is your attitude you choose to have in any situation. Ray Higdon’s blog ranked in the top spot and that is awesome. He deserves it and everyone who ranked deserves it. Instead of comparing yourself to the other bloggers, the important thing is having an awareness of knowing that all is relative and accepting “where you are at” is healthier. There is a sense of peace when we have an acceptance that everything is relative instead of making comparisons.

We could compare ourselves to the others who participated and didn’t make the top 50 blog contest. Or we could compare ourselves with those who didn’t participate at all. Why? My point is when we compare, our perception is there will always be someone or something better or bigger “above” and someone or something lesser or smaller “below.” Comparing yourself to either end of the scale can cause insanity.Leave comparisons to products!

I’m Proud Of My Blog!

Focus on where you are and work on moving forward and progressing. Every day as you work your tasks, you move closer and closer to the goals you have set for yourself and your business. You can be proud of your friends who do well, and help a friend in need, and don’t compare, just challenge yourself to move forward and be grateful for what you have and where you are.


I am very proud of myself and very proud of everyone who entered and ranked and everyone who participated. If you didn’t participate this year, take the plunge next year. That is a step in a positive direction.



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4 thoughts on “My Blog Made Me Proud-Thank You For Voting!

  1. Great job Raena Lynn!! You rocked it out for sure and it is a real honor to have participated with you.. Keep rockin it!!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi April,

      Great job to you April! Your blog is awesome! Loved it! Let’s do it again next year!

      Raena Lynn

  2. Congratulations Raena. Even though I’m not involved with MLM it was fun to watch all of the activity and excitement – and I’m really happy for you for achieving such great results. Congratulations!

  3. Nile

    Congratulations on the accomplishment for your site. Every bit helps encourage you to take your site further, so even though this is done, I am sure you have more goals to tackle. Competing against other sites is not easy. If you are in next year’s, good luck! 😀

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