Four Points of Reducing Stress-My Favorite Post April 6-12, 2011

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This week I decided to post for Allegra  at Here is my visit experience!

Hi Allegra,

This is my first visit to your site and I must say it looks fantastic! It is so professional and it was a pleasure to walk through.

Your four points of reducing stress are helpful. You summarized by noting “Our bodies care and reducing stress is one way of taking care of ourselves.” I think we forget to stop and rest and rejuvenate our bodies, especially when we love our businesses so much.

Recently I attended a webinar by Jonathan Bud about this subject. He talked about how to relax and reduce stress during the work day. He sets up his work day with non-stress activities scheduled throughout the day. He uses meditation as one of his choices and music. He emphasized that rejuvenation is the key! It promotes more effective job performance, relieving tension, and incorporating balance in our lives.

Personally, I also love music as a de-stressor. Finally, thanks for the chamomile tea for insomnia tip. I plan to try it out and see! Again, you have a beautiful site. Applaud!

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