“The Unstoppable Entrepreneur-My Favorite Posts March 23-29, 2011

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These are my posts for the week. I’m a little late and you’ll know why after you read the first post! My first one is in response to my friend Theresa Key. Both of us are attending Jonathan Bud’s “The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Live Immersion Event in May in San Diego.  It’s a two-day seminar of entrepreneurs from the United States and all over the world-over 2000 of us!  Here’s a cool description. It’s time for a massive shift. A massive transformation. A massive leap to the next level of your life, income, & purpose.”

Hi Theresa,

You asked me a question,  are you unstoppable? Nope! It seems that ever since I started to make my switch from offline to online and pursue a career in social marketing, I’ve had several walls thrown in front of me. So far, I’m on the fourth. It’s almost humorous.

So I got over the last three, then this past Sunday, the next one came. I live in Oakhurst, California and we had a bad snowstorm that caused quite a bit of damage in our town. Almost 4000 households still don’t have power just in our town not to mention the surrounding areas. We (my family) haven’t had power for since the storm so it’s been 5 days without electricity. No television (not a big loss), no lights, no heat, no computer, no internet (that’s a problem). The transistor of the telephone pole is down and it’s going to be awhile until I have my internet going again. We are in the mountains and there are hundreds of trees down and tangled cable wires everywhere. It’s really strange.

Since Sunday, I’ve been going to the library every day for the wonderful 1 hour they let you have with blocked social sites, which doesn’t do me any good. Then I go into town and pay for access on a computer. I have a smart phone, but the amount of work needed to be done is limited. I’ve been scrambling to get everything done as much as possible. It definitely has slowed me down a bit, but no way, no how will it stop me from going forward. It’s a pain, but I just think, “At least we’re not in Japan!”

I finally got the brilliant idea to ask the high school if I can use one of their computers and they said no problem. Everyone is helping each other out. We are not in a big city so it probably sounds weird about getting access, but I’m doing my best. Rumor has it that some people will get their power back on Friday, but they flag their predictions as “a maximum wait of 2 weeks.” So I might have to head my tail down the hill to get a lap top so I can spend my time at Starbucks using their WiFi access…haha

It’s so easy to take things for granted. We have water, because we aren’t on a well, but we had to move food out the refrigerator and we have wood for heating, and alternative means of eating with no way to cook.

I’m not complaining, I’m just Unstoppable 🙂

Looking forward to meeting you in May!
Raena Lynn

This one is in response to Lloyd Dobsons blog, “How To Build Confidence and Destroy Fear.” http://www.unlimitedwealthbuilder.blogspot.com

Self esteem can be a major determiner of success or failure. It is a challenge for people to overcome a negative perspective of themselves. In this article, one thing you discussed is what causes poor self-esteem.

As a parent, I always realized that a child’s first five years are important and impressionable and I was always aware of the importance of “preserving” their self-esteem. As parents, we worked very hard to expose our children to many positive experiences so they would grow up with a healthy positive perspective  of themselves.

I’m the proud mother of two beautiful daughters. They are 5 years apart in age, at this time, my youngest is 17, and my oldest is 22. Both girls were raised by two loving parents under basically the same circumstances and both agree that they had a great childhoods.

One has a very healthy attitude about her being and who she is. The other, as beautiful as she is, somehow doesn’t see herself as talented and beautiful as others see her. Why? From my experience, I believe that self esteem is partially formed by their environment or some circumstance that occurred during childhood, but I also think that it is in our DNA. It seems to me that personality is also a factor.

As we mature, we continue to face all of kinds of experiences which could be a threat to the way we view our persona. I always focused on the first 5 years, but the truth is we evolve and change as we journey through our lives.

We as humans have quite a bit of issues to sort out. If we are challenged with a poor self-esteem however it came about, it is definitely difficult, yet possible to overcome. Reading self-improvement books helps, but my advise is to surround yourself with wonderful, positive people.

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13 thoughts on ““The Unstoppable Entrepreneur-My Favorite Posts March 23-29, 2011

  1. Ross Joyner says:

    Hey Reana,

    You are really so much fun. I read your stuff often. It seems you have turned adversity into prosperity with the damage your town has sustained.
    As I read your post on being unstoppable I found myself laughing then feeling sorry for you to knowing that there is not anything that will stop you from success. God Bless you I will say a prayer for your community.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Ross,
      I’m touched by your kind words. The new news is today at 11:05 our power came back on! Yeah! It lasted 8 days, but reflecting back, power is restored, clean up chores are done, and everything is back to normal. We are so fortunate in America. I know a lot of people complain about the electricity companies, but I was so impressed with the speed that they were able to get everyone back up and running. I heard there is still a couple of thousand without power, but we’re nearing the end.

      The sun is out today, and the last of the three storms in a row are over! Now we can enjoy Spring.
      Thank you for your prayers. I’m so proud of our town. About 3 days ago, there was a group of people in our grocery parking lot with signs that read “Free Water.” Since we are in the mountains, a lot of people have wells, so when the power goes, the water goes, unless of course you have a hand pump! Volunteers set up warming centers allowing people to bring their “freezer food” to cook and share along with providing WiFi and heating. It warms my heart when I get to witness compassion in people. Oh my I can go on and on with that subject! I think I can save it for another post.
      Again, thank you and yes, I’m excited about our event in May!

  2. Hi there Raena
    Quite a challenge you had there with the power going down. It is wonderful to know that your community pulled together, which we always seem to do in an emergency. You can just see how the communities in Japan who have been effected by the earthquake and tsunami have pulled together to witness that this is just not an isolated occurence.
    It gives you faith in mankind.

    Despite it all you pulled through and found a solution. The event you are attending sounds really exciting and full of helpful content.
    I hope it helps you move on to where you want to be.

    Best wishes


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Peter,
      I just posted to Ross and let him know that we are back in business as of today. It was a challenge, but doesn’t come close to Japan. That is how I deal with unfortunate events. First I keep my faith in God, then since everything in the world is relative, I always have something to compare that is less fortunate. I held back a little bit about sharing our puny little power shortage because of what the people in Japan have experienced. They amazed me. They are so strong and solid. Yes, it helps remind us that mankind is good.

  3. TK Goforth says:

    Hey, Raena Lynn! I’m glad you are digging out from under everything! That would be QUITE frustrating trying to get your work done under the circumstances. But, like Ross and Peter said, it is wonderful to live in such a community where people help each other and you can laugh at your predicament. Isn’t it strange that often it takes not so perfect circumstances for us to forget about ourselves and look out for the welfare of others?

    God bless you!


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi TK!
      Circumstances are never perfect…well maybe sometimes! I think one very important thing that you point out is that when unfortunate things happen we can laugh at our predicament. I think when I look back at this past week, it is great that people worked together. I must admit that my participation in TSA and meeting so many awesome people helped me to stay on the positive and not get stuck in a “pity party.”

      It’s interesting to see how different people handle different circumstances. I made an observation concerning my 17 year old daughter. I was very proud of her because she didn’t complain about it. She patiently waited for “normality” in a very mature fashion. There was a couple of days schools were cancelled because of no power, but the rest of the days were okay. Coming home to a cold, dark, house is not fun, but she just dealt with it. After about 5 days I thought this situation was a really good exercise in seeing how my children behave. (I know she’s 17, but she’s still my baby.) I think the only time I heard a peep was a tiny grumble that she couldn’t charge her phone..haha

      All is back to normal. Now the town is cleaning up. Yeah!

  4. Vitoria says:

    Hi Raena!

    With so little time trying to keep up with everything now I came across your blog. How proud of you I feel. How proud of having you as a friend. Now I really can’t wait to meet you so I will feel closer to such a wonderful woman.
    I say that my Parents are the mos important persons in my life and the best possible(they are mine of course 🙂 . I’m sure your daughters feel and think the same about you. But you are right Raena. It’s the DNA. In my case I had an amazing childhood too, amazing parents, brothers and always when we see each other it’s magical(specially now – log distance). So.. why do I feel as your second daughter sometimes? i want you to be positive about it and really know that you did all you could do to make your daughters happy. Besides that, everything that she feels or even “see” that is not positive is Not related to you. We feel so proud of our Parents, we just have something that is out of our control. In my case, I’m way better now because of 2 medications that I supposed to take for…most of my life. Believe me, I’m good with that, once that I’m getting my life back and having passion again in my “veins” . I felt passion again when I found the 7 FN, Andrea Goodsaid, persons like You at the Mastermind Partner Program and I’m so thankful for that.
    Be sure that we, daughters are so proud of our loving, caring, amazing Parents Raena. We know that they were, they are, and they always will be there for us no matter what. We know we always can count on them and that’s what matters the most.

    Love & Light,


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Vitoria,

      You are such a sweet person! It’s great to see your little avatar with the teal background. As far as I’m concerned you are already branded girl! Your kind words melted my heart. Yes my daughters mean everything to me and it gives me comfort to know how you really feel towards your mother. As a parent sometimes it is difficult to understand that the positive deep down feelings are there, we don’t get to see them that often. My girls are two of the “whys” of my unstoppable attitude.

      Here’s a couple of updates I want to share with you. First when I started posting My Favorite Posts, I realized quickly that two posts made things a little bit confusing so now I post one a week and highlight the person I responded to. Secondly, just for your info, when I wrote the article about the snowstorm, that was at the 5 day mark. When it was all said and done, we went 18 days without power, and 20 without internet connection. Now Spring is here and the weather is beautiful. As I write this, I saw the hundreds of tornados that hit the Carolinas this morning….my prayers go out to these people. When tragedies like these happen, it is the reason I don’t complain.

      I’m sorry to hear that you have had some heartache, but the most important thing is that we both found The 7 Figure Network and Andrea Goodsaid. We both found “passion” Our initial meets lead to our wonderful Mastermind Partner Program with all of us “like minds” attracted to each other. Now we are going to meet in San Diego! It is so exciting and I’m so glad you decided to get the tickets. I believe in Divine Intervention and all of this is meant to be.

      Come back again! I love your response….who wouldn’t, thank you kindly.

      Raena Lynn

  5. Vitoria says:


    You were the one that made me emotional. Sure in a good way. Your 2 daughter are 2 reasons for you “why”. My Parents are 2 reasons for my “why”. Of course we have different “whys”, but since I don’t have kids, my Parents come first with my husband. I want to give them the best retirement possible, I want them to rest and just enjoy life, once they haven’t done that because of us, their kids. My dream is to be able to travel to Brazil as many times I want to see them, they can come here or anywhere they want and don’t worry abt paying expensive bills at the time that they should just enjoy life now.

    I still have “headaches”(feel down with my depression) sometimes because it looks like that’s how it works for whoever has depression. Every now and than we have bad days. I fight a lot against it. I need to keep going because I need to provide a better life to my parents. My loving husband, my best friend, partner, is so patient with me and gives me the support I need to keep going. I got so much better and, as you said, I can not complain. We can not. So many people have hard situations that I can’t imagine how I would get through. I’m glad my Husband is so understanding(as Andrea Goodsaid said and thought he is-I don’t know how she knows that 🙂 ) Once I get totally back on track with my financial situation, show him that I’m fine again and show that I really can help us to grow, I’ll also be able to help my Parents in Brazil. I’m on my way. This Unstoppable is making me even more Unstoppable! Together we will make it “my friend”. Yes we will!

    I appreciate you, you wonderful words, your friendship.

    Love & Light,


    1. Raena Lynn

      You will make it Vitoria! You are fortunate to have a loving husband who is your best friend. Just that in itself is true wealth. I’m so happy to hear you are getting over your depression. You are on the right track and you’ve got the heart of an entrepreneur! You will make it because your “why” is unselfish. You are Unstoppable! Every time I write that word, I realize a lot of people don’t GET the ENTHUSIASM attached to it. It seems we are “overexcited” eh????
      And yes, Andrea knows…..

      Raena Lynn

  6. Vitoria says:

    Yes Raena! We all will!
    Unstoppable, Unstoppable, Unstoppable, Unstoppable, Unstoppable, Unstoppable… repeat it until we take as true (and it really is already!) 🙂 “Think and grow Rich”

    That was a NICE conversation!

    Have an Unstoppable evening!…but rest afterwords too…don’t get crazy like Andrea and I waking up at night with new ideas for ou good friend called computer 🙂


  7. Jodene

    Hi Raena Lynn!
    It was so good to read this post! i wanted to check out one of your favorite posts and to read about Unstoppable Entrepreneur. After reading about your experience with the snow storm ,it is very obvious that you are UNSTOPPABLE!!! I couldn’t imagine being in that situation. I love your spirit!
    I attended UE also, and learned so much from Jonathan Budd and made some important changes to my life. I think my greatest obstacle was (sometimes still is) fear. UE was a great experience & taught me a lot. I am so glad I attended and met so many awesome people….like you!
    Thank you for stirring up great memories!
    – Jodene

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Jodene,

      Yes! Those were good times! I was dealing with fear also, but my participation at the event helped me overcome fear of success! As I read your post and you said you couldn’t imagine being in that situation, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. Again, everything is relevant. I had to go through some of those “obstacles” which later became I perceived as “stepping stones” to where I am today. I am grateful that I attended at that particular time because it was another step in my growth and especially personal development. Both of us had the opportunity to get a clear picture of our purpose, goals, and values and that one thing made all the difference for all of us who attended. I am happy for both of us because that event was a very special memory. I also met some incredible people who I am still connected. Jonathan is going strong and he is still a wonderful model for us because he shares a different level of experiences we can use daily in marketing. I think you are amazing yourself and I am glad that we met. I wish you great success and I know that some of the tools you took away from the event has helped you as it did me. We are Unstoppable!….Thanks!

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