Network Marketing Business BS!

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I am promoting Ann Sieg’s eBook titled “The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.” I hope anyone wanting to establish a network marketing business will read this eBook. It’s purpose is “to help you deprogram some of the nonsense and misconceptions that pollute this industry. This is the crucial first step towards becoming a highly-effective, well-paid, professional network marketer.” I’m hoping by sharing this eBook, you may be interested in getting your own free copy.

I have permission to reprint this eBook without alteration. This will be  a series and I’m starting with the introduction.

Finding Your Voice

If you feel like you’re struggling way too hard to make it in network marketing and nothing is happening, I wrote this book specifically for you.

Have you ever thought to yourself: There’s gotta be a better way to do this.  Something’s missing – it can’t be this hard?

I sure did.

After almost 2 years of religiously going to meetings, setting up appointments and showing the plan, I came to a point in my business where I hit a massive brick wall.

For all my hard work, I had nothing to show for it but debt, an abundance of products and a dwindling list of friends who actually still talked with me.

Maybe you can relate.

The worst part about it was, I could not – for the life of me – figure out why this wasn’t working! I was doing everything I had been told to do. In fact, I did way more than that. I was the kind of distributor you’d kill for.

But I wasn’t any closer to the dream of financial freedom than I was when I started.So I began looking for real answers to why I was spinning my wheels.

To make a long story short and get right to the point, I finally did figure out what was wrong. And when I did, my entire view of this business changed forever.

I’d like to share with you what I discovered:

Almost Everything You’ve Ever Been Taught About Building A Network Marketing Business Is Pure BS

Network Marketing BS

And here’s why: In this industry we have a genuine case of the blind leading the blind.

Network marketing is very unique in that it’s the only business opportunity that’s ever been marketed to the general public on such a massive scale.

Your average, every-day American is told that they can jump right into this, with no prior experience what-so-ever and make a killing within 6 months!

For example, on the website of one well known nutritional company, would-be distributors are told that “You don’t have to be a pro to succeed!”


This self-destructive message is broadcasted to thousands of people over and over again as they join this industry.

As a result, 95% of people who get involved in network marketing have absolutely no foundation in effective sales techniques or good business practices.

This has severe side effects.

There’s a horrible mess of hype, hot air, misconceptions, falsehoods, delusions, distortions, myths and downright lies that get passed along from one sponsor to the next.Lies-of-Internet-Marketing

This is what happens when you take a bunch of people who don’t have a clue about sales and marketing and have them tell a bunch of other people who don’t have a clue about sales or marketing, to go make a bunch of money doing it.

The few techniques that actually do have some grounding in basic sales philosophy are all outdated and completely ineffective. They might work okay for you – if the year was 1984 – but in today’s modern society, these kind of neanderthal tactics will get you slaughtered.

You see, not only do the common methods taught in mlm not work, they’re extremely destructive as well. That’s why it’s so common to feel like your working yourself into the ground and not getting anything out of it.

Well, I had put up with this for far too long. I started doing the opposite of what my upline had taught me to do and guess what? I didn’t just start to experience success – I was flooded with it.

I went from desperately coercing one person every 5 months into my business…to having more eager prospects than I could handle.

By ignoring conventional mlm “wisdom,” I learned how to have prospects line up to join my company and sponsoring 10 people a month didn’t just become normal – it became routine.

And if you’re willing to be open-minded and set aside any predisposed beliefs you currently have…for just a moment…you’ll discover how you can easily do this too.

Network marketing doesn’t have to be so hard.

Using the wrong techniques – like trying to force a square peg into a round hole – makes it hard.

So my purpose in writing this book is to help you “deprogram” some of the nonsense and misconceptions that pollute this industry. This is the crucial first step towards becoming a highly-effective, well-paid, professional network marketer.

Then, once you have a clean slate to start with, you can begin learning how to really make this business work.


~Ann Sieg

Network Marketing

I hope you enjoyed the introduction. Ann is a pioneer in this industry and is the creator of the Daily Marketing Coach (DMC). If you would like your own FREE copy of The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing, submit your name and email on the right sidebar of my blog.  You will instantly get your copy, and receive useful, no BS information about network marketing.

You can also register to join us for a free Exclusive Live Presentation This Thursday, March 28th (9pm EST…8pm CST…7 MST…6 PST) called:

Click Here for a Personal Invitation To Partner Up With Ann Sieg And Earn Up To 60% Commissions On Multiple Products And Residual Streams… Plus, Receive Daily Support , Training And Guidance Through A Unique Online Community.



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13 thoughts on “Network Marketing Business BS!

  1. Sue Price

    Hi Raena

    I have great respect for Ann Sieg from what I know of her. I resonate so much with this introduction. There have been so many lies passed on about the industry. Get two who get two who get two etc. Yeah like that really works!

    I am not sure how anyone thinks they can come into a new industry and make it work without training. Let’s go and hit on our friends and family who are not even looking for a business but we need to convince them.

    It is funny as I think MLM is a great model but I avoided it for many years because of the behavior of people in it.

    It can obviously be a great business if people learn the correct way.

    Thanks for reproducing this Raena.


  2. Adrienne

    Hey Raena,

    Ann is one of the good gals and I really appreciate what she said in the introduction. I was talking with a friend of mine just yesterday about this. She has a friend that joined a nutritional company and within six months is making around $25,000 a month. I shared with her that’s fabulous but I think the real issues lies with her team being able to duplicate what she’s done. I hope that she’s teaching her team what she did because otherwise it’s just what Ann said, people are joining up under the assumption that this is easy and it’s just not.

    I’ve been in and out of MLM now since I joined the online industry and I have just come to the realization that it’s not for me. There are misconceptions about all things online so it’s not just network marketing.

    I appreciate you sharing that, I haven’t read Ann’s book in ages. I remember back when I did I still didn’t understand what I was doing so it didn’t help me at that time. I know a heck of a lot more now though!

    Thanks Raena and look forward to your series.


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Adrienne,

      MLM isn’t for everyone. That is for sure! However for those who love MLM, affiliate marketing, attraction marketing, or any type of marketing will benefit from her program. Daily Marketing Coach used to be called the Renegade group, and recently the name has been changed and the system has been restructured so she and her team are able to teach others how to duplicate her success. I’m very impressed with DMC and I’m proud to share the program, products, and training.

      You can re-read the eBook, or return to my blog every week…hint hint. I’m publishing the entire eBook in a series. You’ve been around for a long time and you are super successful. You have been through the ropes and have paid your dues! Beginners without experience may have missed the fundamentals of this business and I think this particular eBook is a great place to start. Thanks Adrienne!

      Raena Lynn

  3. Hi Raena! I have met Ann Sieg at a few different events I have been to and she is an Awesome Speaker, I have also been on a few of her webinar trainings and love how she gets people engaged with what she is doing. I have never read her book so of course I am going to opt in to get this. I am looking forward to your series Raena. She has shared a great message here with all of us today Agreed 100%.. Thank you for sharing Chery 🙂

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Chery,

      I have not met Ann Sieg yet, but I’m planning on it 🙂 I’ve attended many of her webinars and an active member in her training program, Daily Marketing Coach. It’s the best training I’ve seen, especially for beginners. However her program offers something for everyone regardless of what niche or stage they are in. I will be posting the entire eBook in the series because I feel these lies have been around for a long time and I feel responsible to let me readers know the truth. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the post!

      Raena Lynn

  4. Sarah Arrow

    I’m sorry that I missed the webinar, but so glad that I’ve found your review. Ann seems like she knows her stuff and I’ll add her to my reading list – thanks for sharing

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Sarah,

      If you don’t know Ann Sieg, I’m glad I introduced her to you. She is a pioneer in this industry and is an expert in attraction marketing. She is currently managing her training program called Daily Marketing Coach. I really enjoy promoting her products and webinars because the value people get is incredible. I had a rough start and I want to see beginners have a place to go where they get exceptional training and support. The program has something for everybody. Ann’s staff and curriculum is the best I’ve seen because it is step by step guidance. This program is for people are very serious about building their business and willing to commit taking action EVERY DAY. It’s like any other system. It works amazingly well when a person commits and does the work required to succeed. Thanks for your comment!

      Raena Lynn

  5. I downloaded and burned anne sieg’s audio CD when I first learned about online marketing. This really open my eyes even further.

    Before I downloaded, I notice that a lot of the top leaders and producers were getting a lot of leads and signups. I was wondering how they did it. We use to go to a top earner house and did cold calling with our scripts. My script was about a page and a half LOL… funny isn’t it…

    But one day he over heard me go through my script. He pulled me aside and gave me a simple 3 line script to follow. He told me thats all he uses and he was getting about 5 or 6 signups a month. Way more than I was getting for sure. But this gave me the idea that he was doing more than we were taught.

    Thanks for sharing Raena!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Sherman,

      Welcome to my blog. You are fortunate that you were able to get some of this information when you started. Ann definitely is a master marketer and trainer. I’m publishing her eBook as a series because I want to make sure my readers have the opportunity to understand the big picture of network marketing and maybe fill in the gaps they have missed.

      It’s interesting that you mentioned your experience with telemarketing. I did it too…ugg! I spent an entire summer cold calling and it is awful. You stated, “I noticed that a lot of the top leaders and producers were getting a lot of leads and signups.” In the Great Lie#2, which will be posted next week, there is an example why some people seem to start marketing and are successful quickly. Some people come in having advantages we may not be aware of. That is usually the case and they have learned what they need to do to succeed. We all have a starting point and it’s great to learn from exceptionally talented trainers as Ann Sieg. I hope to see you again!

      Raena Lynn

  6. Hi Raena,

    Thanks for sharing Ann Sieg’s book. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. She is so on target when it comes to this introduction. People are told “no experience necessary” and end up walking away in a short time.

    I’ve been in and out of MLM’s but left that industry a long time ago. For me, there was not enough training. I just felt like I was being Pushed by the companies to get so many people a day to sell stuff. But I’m not a numbers person. I wanted quality people that were good at sales, maybe knew more than I did to be “under” me. Now that is a difficult task.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is money to be made, but one must know the marketing edge before they join. Kudos to Ann for writing this book and thanks for sharing it.


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Donna,

      I’m posting her eBook because I know there are so many beginning marketers out there who are missing the boat before they start. Hopefully they will get the information sooner than I did. Her teachings would have been helpful in the beginning. This business is competitive and I hope The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing will shine the light on the reality of marketing. Thanks Donna!

      Raena Lynn

  7. Raena,
    sharing someone material is not easy since you never know what they are up to… and I want to congratulate you for sharing Ann Sieg ebook.

    I am not much into this so called NM… I rather say that I am the people business… because I feel better knowing I treat everyone as real persons and not as robots as I have been used by so many people who promote their own NM company and products.

    What Ann wrote I find it very useful and correct and I must say, I have noticed many more BS while attending meetings and presentations and so on.

    I believe living the truth as it is… so when I chat with someone, and I find that they may be benefit from what I have to offer… I tell them up front what it is… by then, we both know each other better and some how it works very well to present what I have to offer.

    Said all the above (I call it romance:-) this does not mean what Ann wrote is not useful… but I wanted to add that each one of us have more personal experiences that add to Ann’s List.

    Thanks so much for sharing the whole series… I believe I read and commented on another post.. and I also look forward to read the whole series.. and yes, I thank you very much again.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Nick,

      True network marketing is exactly what you described. It is all about relationships. Since you are in the B3 circles, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ve heard the saying “People buy from people they know, like, and trust.” There you have it. Network marketing in a nutshell. Ann Sieg is the pioneer of attraction marketing. Everything she teaches is based upon the relationships we develop with other people. Of course there are “methods” to marketing, but it all starts with the “network” part. The myths have to be broken first before moving into the “romance” stage. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Two in a row! Woo Hoo!

      Raena Lynn

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