No Electricity!

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It’s raining here in California and this morning the power went out on our block. I had just woken up to start work and I didn’t have a way to get on the computer and the house was dark. I lit candles and waited. My mobile had juice so I went online and attempted to do something that related to work to pass the time. The power finally came on in about an hour and I was very excited.

I lost an hour of work and I could have used that time to create a video tutorial or create content for a page or post, or write an auto responder sequence, or create a blog post, or write and email blast…or you get the picture. It is amazing how we take so many things for granted. When you’re fiddling around your email or online and not doing something to create long term income, you are wasting your time. It made me realize how precious time is and not take it for granted.  Use it wisely and make each minute productive!

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4 thoughts on “No Electricity!

  1. Great post, Raena! It is amazing to think about how much we take for granted. One thing that I do in the event of power outages is try to find a place where there is decent natural light and start reading to take advantage of the time and make the most of it. Sometimes, I think that we focus so much on being wired that we forget about the old fashioned essentials, and your post does a great job of reminding us of this fact!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Steve,
      Yes, it wasn’t a fun morning. Sometimes there’s a little blessing or a golden nugget to be found when things suddenly change and interfere with our plans!

  2. Raena Lynn,

    Very cool how you’ve compared not having power to wasting time on non-productive things. Most people would be very unhappy about the loss of power and not being able to get things done, while they’ll spend hours doing “things” that do not move their business forward… thinking they’re being productive.

    Awareness of how we really spend our time is essential in eliminating the “power outages” we create for ourselves.

    ~ Pat & Lorna

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Pat & Lorna, (AKA The Coolest Couple),
      I almost removed this post because if you check out my favorite posts this week, we experienced a 9 day power outage. This post about losing electricity for an hour! ha! Big whoop…Love your play on words…”power outages” we create for ourselves. With as much energy the two of you have I would think that you must get a “power outage” once in awhile! Thank you again for supporting me. I love seeing your avitar pop up on my blog.

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