Solo Ads Tip Guide For Increasing Your ROI

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Solo ads can be a lucrative way to build your list and increase conversions.

However there are many factors to consider as you journey into the solo ad world. Generating quality, targeted leads in the right numbers needed for conversion is essential to an impressive return on investment (ROI). In this article I will answer four important questions about promoting solo ads:
1) What are some good Solo Ad Provider Search Tips?
2) What should you expect during a solo ad transaction?
3) What questions do you need to ask the solo provider?
4) What questions  do you need to ask yourself before promoting solo ads?

Solo Ads

What are some good Solo Ad Provider Search Tips?

Start by finding a source of quality solo ad providers.

Where do solo providers hang out?

Without making any general recommendations,  the four main hangouts for solo providers are:  The Warrior Forum, Skype, Facebook, and Safe Swaps. Most solo provider sales pages seem impressive and will ensure great results. However, there are no guarantees using solo ads for promotion but they can be lucrative if you use the 3 components (Consistency, Patience, Flexibility) I discussed in an earlier article titled Lead Generation To Megabucks.  All three are needed to ensure success no matter what you are promoting, including solo ads.

Here are a few tips to help you make a better selection of solo provider/s.

1) Click on solo provider sales pages-Read a lot of them to get a feel for the community.

2) Notice if there is a picture or video of the solo provider indicating good branding.

3) Read many testimonials. Be a little leery with really high conversions. Conversions over 70% or 80% represent the very best, so keep in mind the average is 30% to 40%. Testimonials should have realistic numbers.

4) Most solo providers over deliver 10% to 25%. New solo providers will offer higher over delivery in exchange for testimonials.

5) Some providers will list No MLM, No MOBE, No EN, No PL etc. on their sales pages. There are plenty of providers who will run your solo ad if you take the time and effort to do your research.

6) Stay away from providers that prefer free offers. This is controversial, but my experience is that subscribers on lists who are offered a lot of freebies, tend to be freebie seekers instead of buyers.

7) Connect with the provider personally through Skype, The Warrior Forum, Facebook etc. I prefer Skype because it’s easy to complete the transaction quickly.


What should you expect during a solo ad transaction?

The solo provider will usually ask “What’s your offer?”
Give him/her your swipe copy or your single channel or tracking link. If he/she agrees to run it through their list, you need to ask them a few questions which shouldn’t be an issue if the provider is reputable.

What questions do you need to ask the solo provider?

What  copy they are using? You want to be sure it reflects your offer. If they want to use their own swipe copy, then it is reasonable to ask what  copy they are using to be sure it reflects your offer. It is MUCH better when they use your swipe copy so it is congruent with your offer, but it is getting more and more difficult to find providers that treat solo ads as a “true solo ad” that is directed to a congruent offer. I prefer finding a solo provider that will accept and run your swipe copy.

Have they run your offer a lot?

When can you run it?

Where does the traffic from their list come from?

Do they have subscribers joining their list every day?

What is their list niche? Most solo providers niche’s are for internet marketing, business opportunities, and making money online. Their sales pages will usually state their offer, but check if you have not seen their sales page.

What questions do you need to ask yourself before promoting solo ads?

1) What is the most important factor that will make the difference between success and failure when promoting solo ads?

Consistency is key. Once you find a good source, buy consistently so you always have a continuous flow of traffic.

2) How much should you buy?

If you are a beginner, start a comfortable test amount and scale up until you have more experience to invest in larger numbers. One suggestion is to start out with several providers at lower clicks for testing. As an example, 10 @ 100 or 5 @ 200. Test and continue business with the providers that give you the best results.

3) What type of traffic should you look for?

It is preferred to purchase Top Tier Traffic which is usually from the Top 5 English speaking countries: United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom and New Zealand. People from these counties statistically buy the most Internet Marketing offers. However, keep in mind that Top Tier traffic is more expensive. Results can vary depending upon a multitude of factors.

4)What about tracking?

It is important to use your own tracking, even if the solo ad provider gives you a tracking report at the end of the run.

5) Should you use a direct squeeze page or your own squeeze page?

If you are promoting directly into a marketing system, you will use a direct squeeze page. However, you want to work towards using your own squeeze/landing page to begin listbuilding. Your squeeze page needs to be  congruent throughout your funnel from the point of subscribing to your list to receiving your correspondence.

6) What to do after the results come in?

You must nurture and maintain your list by being personable with them. It is very important that the first email they receive from you is a welcome email. Using video to introduce yourself to your list is also a very good strategy to let them know you are a real person. This creates the Know, Like, and Trust you need for effective branding.

There are many things to take into consideration to increase your ROI with solo ads.

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