The good stuff is still good.

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Yeah – The good stuff is still good.

It’s a few days before Christmas and I thought I would do something a little different for this post. Inspiration comes from the strangest places! I was on Skype chatting with a good friend of mine. Just so you know, I was taking a well deserved break!

We were chatting when we got into a conversation about toys, especially some of the ones that have been around for a long time. We call them “classics.” Through the years, some toy companies have attempted to “improve” these toys only to ruin the fun. My friend (B) said,  “The good stuff is still good” and it struck a cord for me. Here is our conversation. I’m R: and she is B:

B: My daughter called me and I got caught up in a project
R: That’s okay...What is she working on?
B: It was her birthday yesterday, so she got these things called Orbeez which you soak in water and they swell up. Then she has this remote control ladybug that goes around the floor picking stuff up.
R: Sounds fun! I miss those times!
B: So, I had to dry up the soaked Orbeez and vacuum the floor so that they wouldn’t collect all the crap we tracked in yesterday …
R: I’ve heard of Orbeez..
B: They’re kind of cool
R: Have you ever bought your kids..playdough?
B: yes, we’ve been through tubs of play dough
R: Ugg! I spent quite a bit of time picking up the little dried pieces
when they were all done…It’s a great toy…my girls had a blast with it.
B: Yes – the dried up bits are a mess.
R: It was still worth it.
B: The fun stuff is always messy
R: My favorite was creepy crawlers and gobbledy goop.
B: What are creepy crawlers? We have some gobbledy goop right now – I think. My girl calls it Oobleck, because of Dr. Seuss.
R: It’s not as good as it used to be when I was a kid..
B: I got her a light bright for her birthday.
R: I grew with Dr. Seuss…wow some of this stuff is legendary!
B: I used to love playing with that (light brite) when I was little
R: I loved Light Brite!
B: Yeah – the good stuff is still good
R: I bought it for my girls too.
B: It’s all the other crap that is a waste of money
R: Remember Etch a sketch, Easy bake oven?
B: Yep my kids have those. We’ve worn out a couple of etch a sketch’s. My girl can’t have gluten, so the easy bake oven doesn’t work for her very well. She want’s to bake, but she can’t eat anything she could make in it.
R: Bummer. When I was a kid we played easy bake then I bought it for the girls…now there’s a safety gadget on it..messed up the fun. Same thing with creepy crawlers. We used to have a blast heating up that sucker and watching water it has a plastic safety cover so we don’t burn our little pinkies!
B: I don’t know what creepy crawlers are!
R: You have a square oven that you plug in with trays that you fill up with gobbledy goop and cook…there were all types…creepy crawlers were the insects and the most fun to scare people…they have flower sets, dragon set…I don’t know what they have now…
B: Oh, then, gobbledy gook isn’t what we have. I think I remember creepy crawlers now! Do they turn out kind of rubbery when they’re done?
R: Yes they turn out rubbery…

After the conversation I thought about what B said…“the good stuff is still good.” I thought of so many of the classic toys we had when I was a kid. We all have different childhood experiences, but these are some of the ones I remember: slinky, play dough, Etch-a-Sketch, Viewmaster, Dr. Suess, Gumby, Hot Wheels, Monopoly, Clue, Silly Putty, Raggedy Ann, Pick up Sticks, Light Bright, Candyland, Tiddly Winks, Barbie, Tinker Toys, Lego…to name a few.

Every toy I listed are still around and that’s been over 50 years! Changes have been made, but the bottom line is, the toys in their original state were the best. They were manufactured better and kids didn’t have the technology we have now. All of them are hands on toys and some required creativity and thinking. Most of those classic toys laid the foundation for what is available today. Many of them have been converted to video games.

Internet marketing isn’t much different. The “old school” method of marketing is the core of attraction marketing. It was and is about relationship building. Who are some of the great mentors and entrepreneurs behind these principles? Think of the mentors we admire and respect today. Some of them are not with us anymore. The legends we remember are the classic mentors who have laid down the foundations of solid principles for many generations which have and are following presently. The most prominent ones were Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler, Dale Carnegie, and Napoleon Hill. They instantly come to my mind.

Those who knew “the good stuff is still good” are continuing the tradition of teaching these principles.

Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, Jack Canfield, and Max Tracy are my favorites.

Do you remember some of these childhood toys? The ones that are still around today? Who are your favorite entrepreneurs and success coaches?  I’d love to hear your comments. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!


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23 thoughts on “The good stuff is still good.

  1. Michael A. Buccilli

    Wow… Raena, you took a break? LOL!

    Yes, I agree that the good stuff is still good. We talked briefly about this on our record breaking Mastermind group video “hangout”.

    Oh, the memories – Creepy Crawlers, Play Dough, Clackers, Etch-A-Sketch, Mouse Trap, and Gumby…. so many to mention.

  2. Garen

    Creepy crawlers were awesome! I wish I still had mine at 28. I liked the glow in the dark ones 🙂 I still play monopoly it’s a lot of fun.

    True, the mentors I have been listening to have been stating that social media and engagement are the way to go. It hasn’t changed it years and creating effective websites that answer question A will buy product B. The only thing that changes is Google Algo, but who’s to say Bing won’t take them over in 5 years.

  3. Martin Casper

    I used to play with Lincoln Logs…loved them. I used to help my mother make cookies and loved to take the cookie cutter and make different designs. We would take them to our friends to make their Christmas better. We always came away with seeing a big smile on their faces…Hmmm…does that sound vaguely like another version of attraction marketing? Paying it forward perhaps?

  4. I remember reading a book about Raggedy Ann and Andy and their owner, Marcella. SO cool to think of toys coming to life whenever people weren’t around! It still appeals to my imagination.

    We never had a lot of toys when I was growing up, but that was okay by me… books were my thing. It still amazes me to see some of those old toys and games that are still around.

    I remember playing with blogs like Lego blocks, but this was BEFORE Lego came along. These blocks were the colour of red brick, and were made of rubber or something similar, and the roof pieces were green. That was a long, long time ago…..


  5. Nile

    Sometimes I get perturbed about some of the toys having different names. You can find both Words With Friends and Scrabble on the same shelf at the store!

    Then there are some games, you really have to look big time for. I have been wanting to buy Monkeys In a Barrel and Ants In the Pants for my kids… I thought those were awesome when I was little.

  6. Adrienne

    Oh girl, I’m so with you… Everyone is always trying to “improve” things when there was nothing wrong with the original.

    I had an easy bake over too and would play for hours with that thing. I also played with my slinky (which I still have), play dough, Etch-a-Sketch, hot wheels, monopoly, silly putty, pick up sticks, candyland, jacks (still have them too), barbie, all the good ones. We just sold some of these items in my Mom’s estate sale in October. Ah, we had fun going through all of that too.

    You are right about even with marketing. Stick with the basics, the old school methods because when you sit down and really go over everything that is being taught to you today the bottom line is that if you don’t make those connections with people (attraction marketing) then your business will go nowhere. Sad but true.

    Thank you for this reminder and glad you two ladies had such a fun conversation.

    Merry Christmas Raena.


  7. Sue Price

    Hi Raena

    I love this post. Now I am not familiar with some of these toys but many I am. My memories are very clear of playing monopoly and games like that when I was a bit older. When I was young I remember playing hopscotch and good old fashioned things like that.

    A few weekends ago we were down staying with our son and his young children. I was observing all their toys around but they preferred to play in puddles of water and really simple stuff.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Raena and see you in 2013. It is already Christmas eve here.


  8. I had a toy store before and i know something about toys and customers.

    Now that i am a customer, i know where to go to find something good for my grandchildren.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Jose,

      Thanks for stopping by. That is interesting that you actually had a toy store! That must have been fun! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your grandchildren!

      Raena Lynn

  9. You bring back so much good memories and those items never change. The game boards are my favorites. I love Monopoly and we have the original now. That is something with Chess I will never get tired of.

    I love the “Slinky” and that was and is a “Wonderful Toy”. I had times with those things. They had a mind of their own.

    As for our great industry you are right. In this year alone I have made so many new contacts by just looking for ways to serve them in every area of their lives. It is not about numbers and how fast you can convenience people to jump into something. It is about building lifetime relationships and really helping people when they need it. No sales pitches and unethical approaches. It is that “Hidden” agenda stuff that really gets to me.

    Well once again you have given us so much to think about. I love this article with the feeling of warmth I get from it. I loved traveling back in time and visualized what I use to play with. The “Dough” is great and yes like you said messy.

    You are a great mentor in our industry and I look forward to your next share!

  10. Great analogy Raena – and I certainly agree with your list, in particularly Tony Robbins. The direct sales company I worked for was constantly trying new schemes – nothing wrong about trying new stuff – but then a few months later the “new” approach gradually faded away and we were back with the tried and true. What never ceased to amaze me was they just didn’t get that all the Reprs ever really wanted was for them to fix the supply chain so they could get their products. Seems basic enough, huh?

  11. You took me back Raena

    The good stuff is still good and the good feelings are still there! Creepy crawlers were my favorite! When you mentioned that, not only did I remember the toy itself, but vivid memories of my mom helping me put them in the oven, the warm fuzzy feeling inside doing a project with her.

    Then voila….how proud I was to play with something I have made myself!

    That to me is the good stuff being still good. In internet marketing, we not only supply a product or service, but also supply good feelings to others. We can relate to their needs and be of service to them so they can obtain their goals.

    I’m taking a break now and going to think of all that good stuff that is in my fond memories.

    Thanks so much!


  12. Yorinda

    Hi Raena,

    you took me down memory lane with the conversation you shared.

    I used to make play dough for my boys since it was the easier option.

    One thing I wished they would have had when my three boys were young (they are in their twenties now)are the kind of games a local shop sells now which are fun as well as stimulating the brain.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  13. Jamie Bishop

    Hi Raena,

    Nice post.”The good stuff is still good”, you’re 100% right.I can remember toys from my younger days that were a ton of fun and didn’t even run on batteries such as the erector set and connect four.Nice comparison to internet marketing.I think this principle relates to alot of other things as well.You have named some great speakers and teachers as well.Tony Robbins has been one of my favorites for a long time.

    Thank you for the post,


  14. Rick Lelchuk says:

    I miss the good ole stuff. I still have an American Flyer train set put away in the garage. I couldn’t give it to one son and not the other so I kept it. I have a Howdy Doody rocking chair that I used to be able to fit this fat butt in a couple of centuries ago. LOL.

    The basics and the good ole stuff have a lot in common. They both hold a lot of the truth within them. Kids should have the good ole stuff to play with today, not all this electronic stuff. And, we adults should remember that a firm handshake and the ability to look another in the eye is priceless.

    Happy New Year!


  15. Richard Goutal

    Glad that Rick added American Flyer, I could say the same about Lionel! Classic. Is it any wonder that Toy Story did so well, focusing on so many of those classic toys that the movie had appeal for all ages (OK and a few that kind of symbolized others). Well, Buzz and Woody became huge in movie-merchandising – not to mention a draw at WDW. I guess Toy Story blended toys that got big without a movie and toys that got big because of a movie.

    The good stuff IS still good. And there is at least some new good stuff that will stand the test of the next 50 years. In terms of the greats you mentioned… maybe you or I will be that which stands that test of time!

  16. Sarah Arrow

    The Good Stuff is Still Good – it’s why we keep going back to certain sites, certain books and certain mentors. Loved this journey down toy memory lane, and the realisation that to make my good stuff more memorable I’m going to have to up my game in 2013.

  17. Hi Raena,

    How on earth did I missed that post again. Seems like I keep getting in late in the game here. Will try to do better.

    Very fun and interesting conversation you had with your friend. We seem to always be nostalgic for the good old stuff. I agree with B, good stuff is still good.

    Me and my brother played with play dough a lot. My mother always bought some of this for us to play and be quite, and give her a break 🙂

    As you mentioned there weren’t so much safety features in the past, yet I don’t think that the emergency department was anymore disturbed than it is now.

    My mother kept the medicine locked with a key that only SHE had access to. Neither me or my brother could have EVER swallow medicine by accident. See what I mean?

    Thanks for sharing the fun Raena and have a fantastic and happy New Year!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Sylviane,

      I think we are spoiled now with safety. As you mentioned your mother took the responsibility and kept the medicine cabinet locked. I think it was the same way for circumstances during the times we were growing up. We may not have had knee pads, but we didn’t do outrageous tricks on our skateboards or bicycles. If we played with a toy that hurt us, we didn’t repeat the same behavior. The lessons have been taken away and so there is less responsibility to prevent unsafe conditions. Kids get poisoned by unlocked medicine cabinets.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Looking forward to working with you this year 🙂

      Raena Lynn

  18. What a fun post! I was disappointed though, because you forgot the Lego!

    I agree, internet marketing is like that, it started out that building a list was most important, and it’s still the most valuable thing for any marketer to have. I know there are other ways, but they’re not as effective, I don’t think that will ever change. Happy New Year Raena Lynn

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Julieanne,

      You are right! How could I forget the Lego? I will add it to the list! The “old school” way of marketing is building relationships. The online marketing way is the same and the best ways is through listbuilding. I didn’t start making money until I started building a list and mailing people offers that would help solve specific problems. I think it is important to default to the classic teachings to help us succeed online. The entrepreneurs I mentioned, Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler, Dale Carnegie, and Napoleon Hill are all legendary. Thank goodness for our present mentors Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, Jack Canfield, and Max Tracy. They have brought the traditional teachings to the present day. Thanks for your comments Julieanne and I wish you a very prosperous 2013!

      Raena Lynn

  19. Lynn Jones

    Raena, Yes, tinker toys, lincoln logs, play dough….there are many. Now they have moon sand, which is messy, but my grandsons enjoy it. There has always been coloring. I have always enjoyed coloring and again the grandsons do it everyday! And that is not messy! 🙂
    Great analogy!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for your visit. There were so many fun classic toys. I’ve never heard of moon sand, but if it’s messy, I’m sure your grandsons enjoy it. Now that you mention it, I’m not sure if I included good old Crayola crayons!

      Raena Lynn

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