The Prosperity Game Journal Part 2

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Part 2  of The Prosperity Game Mastermind Partners.

The Prosperity Game is hosted by Dan Harr a fellow friend and awesome guy. The idea is to receive imaginary checks in your email box every day. The first check is for $250.00 and goes up from there. This journal continues starting with $8,000. This post is my continuing journal of my experience. If you missed part one of The Prosperity Game Journal , you can read it here.

The rules are:

Go to The Prosperity Game Mastermind Partners Facebook  Page
and announce to the group
Where your money came from? and
How do you choose to allocate it?

Remember, assume your debts are paid…

Last week I introduced The Prosperity Game. It is a 2 week commitment, and I want to make it all the way through.  Things are heating up! I’m discovering particular hurdles. The most difficult part has been figuring how the money is generated, but as I continue the game I’m getting better with practice. 

The Prosperity Game


I was gone most of the day and I just returned to find $8000 in my eWallet! I received 2 big upsales at $3,000 each and 2 lower  upsales at $1,000 each! Wow! I’m putting aside $2000 for advertising, and $2000 in savings. I splurged with my last check for my Super Bowl trip so I need to be a little more conservative this time around.

Now that I have my cool tires, my vehicle needs some work. I’m paying $800 for maintenance and detailing.

I’m switching my smart phone to the iPhone 5 for $728 and picking up Easy Video Suite for $297.

I’ve decided that I don’t want to spend any more winters here. It’s a great place to live in the summer but in the winter I am not happy with continuous snow for 2 to 3 months. I’ve hired a locator $1000 to find a new place out of state, or maybe even a different country I can stay during the winter. I’m putting away $800 for an estimated installment for next winter.

Finally I purchased a $375  gift certificate for one of my wonderful friends who has overextended herself in kindness.


So I received $16,000 today! The number is getting bigger and that doesn’t scare me but the fact that it comes in 1 day is what I’m starting to struggle with. I’m going to do something different today. I had a conversation with a friend of mine on Skype and I’m going to post it. If you use Skype, you will recognize that icons are in parenthesis such as (happy) or (sad). It may be difficult to read..I apologize but the feelings are real and you will understand how I’m feeling about the game at this point.  I’m R: and my friend is F: and is anonymous.

R: It’s starting to get hard for me
F: to spend all that money?
R: No
To figure out how it is generated…
It’s almost like I can’t say I made 5 Licensee sales because deep down…I don’t believe it..
That’s only for 5K!
Today is 16K!
I know it’s a game…but…
F: I know – it’s hard for me to say something that isn’t true too.  It just makes me feel like a liar. I feel like I’m out of integrity.
R: But it’s pretend…and I know…but the point is to break through your threshold…Two days ago I spent the money to fly to the Superbowl in New Orleans, stay at a nice hotel etc. The whole trip was about 4K because it’s last minute…thinking that could be reality was exciting! I’d be in New Orleans right now…and why not? When we want to go on a trip, as both of us have, we book a flight and go! I’ve never done if for pleasure…
(chuckle) That sounds funny!
F: It would be fun to be able to just pick up and go whenever.
R: What I’m going to do with the game is spend 9K for Titanium, so I can get 3K commissions. So as the game progresses into unbelievable amounts…I can say I picked up 3 (3K) Commissions today. I have to figure out how I got 16K today. What 16 Licensee sales? I know! I sold a 12K Solo package! 4K in Affiliate Sales…don’t know what else to say. Then purchase Titanium for 9K…then I can imagine all the 3K commissions I want, $2K for Advertising, $2K for Savings, 1K for Winter Retreat, and 2K for the local shelter. It feels good to be able to give.
F: I can’t wait until I can give more to charities.  Even just give service people BIG tips!
R: I know it feels great to give people BIG tips! It makes their whole day. Any of those jobs I consider to be slavery and they need a boost!
It really helps me to tell you what I want to do, so I won’t spend so much time itemizing everything…I’m using this plan!

Buying into Titanium really paid off! I had a webinar last night and picked up 10 sales for a whopping $30,000 and I got paid $2,000 for a Graphics Project I completed.

My locator found a great getaway in Woodward Park near my youngest daughter. I told him that it had to have a pool, a home theater, and a place my daughter and her friends would love to visit. She’s really excited and my new place is gorgeous.It will cost $5,000/month ($15,000) including living expenses to stay at my new winter location for 3 months.

The Prosperity Game


The Prosperity Game







The Prosperity Game






I’m also reserving $6,000 for advertising. I’m ramping up! I’m also putting $2,000 in savings, and giving $1,000 to each of my daughters since I couldn’t get them very much this past Christmas.The local animal shelter is working on a new construction project, so I’m contributing $1,000 to help them with materials.

I had a hunch I’d be getting twice as much from yesterday. At first I thought it would be difficult to spend. I needed to search for ideas of what I was looking for to give to my locator. When I needed to search for what I wanted, I started with a normal search of “regular” spaces. I had to increase my expectations and look for luxury. That was actually an interesting realization. I’ve been conditioned to “settle for the best price.” This was exciting to choose want I really wanted without considering the cost as much.  My locator found the perfect place. Check out the pictures I posted above.  I’m looking forward to next winter!


There was a change in the rules for this check. It is a gift we must spend on ourselves. I think I hit another realization from today’s prosperity gift of $64,000.  I sold six more Titanium Memberships @$18,000, 4 Licensees @ $4000, got paid $2,000 for creating an extensive funnel for a client, and sold an $11,000 solo ad package totaling $35,000. If that wasn’t enough, I received an unexpected inheritance check for $29,000. So that is $64,000 and I can only spend it on myself!

I’m going for it because it’s uncomfortable. I know in the beginning of the game I felt no guilt. I feel a little bit of guilt on this one because it feels selfish to take $64,000 and spend it in one swoop on myself regardless if I buy little things of stuff, a vacation, or services. It’s almost as if I want to “get it over with.”  I don’t want to purchase a bunch of little I decided to take the step and do it quickly. I’m not very materialistic and my first reaction was thinking about how unrealistic and impractical it is to buy a luxury vehicle. Then there is the higher cost of maintenance yada yada yada. I silenced the thoughts. This is a game to help us see if we can recognize our thresholds and what we do about them when they come up.  I went all out and bought my dream luxury car, for cash. I wanted to see if I could. Well I did. It’s a Pearl white Lexus (the picture looks like silver, but it is pearl white)  GS350 AWD. Total cost by the time I added a bunch of goodies:  $63,230.90

 The Prosperity Game

The remaining balance I paid for a monthly massage for one year. I hesitated on this one…I’ll admit it…but I think I’m figuring out why.

The Prosperity Game is an excellent way to expand your mindset about money and teaches you what you really feel about prosperity. The group helps with accountability and I’m learning a lot about my thought processes and other peoples views.

The Mastermind Partner Program will be playing The Prosperity Game, in March, so if you are interested in participating in a future game, connect with me. The Prosperity Game is free.

I hope you’ll consider contributing to the conversation by leaving a comment and sharing this post with your friends! In fact I’d love to connect with YOU! To follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, just click on my Social Media Icons on my sidebar :)




The Prosperity Game uses Wikipedia definition: Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and / or successful social status. Prosperity often encompasses wealth but also includes others factors which are independent of wealth to varying degrees, such as happiness and health.

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16 thoughts on “The Prosperity Game Journal Part 2

  1. Raena,
    Since your last blog look how you have grown! I think this game is wonderful because most of us have x goal with x amount of money we think we need.
    But…if we never had it to begin with, how will we be responsible for it? How would we know where to invest it at the time we receive it?

    Yes, we all have that vague idea, but playing this game gives you hands on practice with a time limit also which is important to recognize. Spend 64K on myself? I wouldn’t know where to begin right now!

    Seems like this is a great personal growth exercise which is needed when we acquire the amounts of money we are not used to. I just love the idea of your get-away home, I would have done the same thing!

    As for investing and advertising – we may be playing on a small scale of that and think we would know what to do when the dam breaks and the money flows, but in reality we don’t. This is where this exercise comes in handy.

    It prepares us for when we “strike gold” and we are ready to know how to use the money wisely. Makes me think of all the people who have won millions in lotto. 99% all have a sad story why? Not because it is bad karma, it is because they never had that amount of money and really don’t know the responsibility of it.

    Next time this game comes around, I’m in. It is because I like to be prepared (maybe that is the old girl scout in me lol) but in every situation in life I tend to have preparedness in my mindset.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful journey,

  2. Raena,

    That was fantastic to read. You were being so authentic. I could feel the struggle you were having. I had done something similar awhile back, I think after listening to Raymond Aaron talk about accumulating imaginary money for imaginary vacations.
    I began by putting $1 into a bowl and doubling the amount – real money – every day. I was amazed at how quickly the money grew. I think I was stopping at $64 and starting over. But after several months I had saved up a good sum of money, about $600.
    However, I did not have the mindset of huge sums of money and I was not thinking about how I would spend all of that nor did I think about where the money was coming from.
    In a course with Lou D’Alo and Eben Pagan I was told to calculate backwards. First list the income you have made by the end of the year and then work backwards to exactly how you created it. I got stumped there.

    Maybe I will be ready to take the Prosperity Mastermind in April. I have several big events coming up, one in March where I am speaking on the same stage as Les Brown, for a few minutes. I could certainly use an expansion of my mindset.


    Dr. Erica

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Dr. Erica,

      I appreciate your comments. I think it is interesting that you applied imaginary to reality. It is incredible how fast it can add up when you put a little aside on a consistent basis. The game has been a real eye opener for me and once I was able to hit certain hesitations or thresholds, I now have a more “prosperous” way of looking and experiencing money. It changed my perspective about the numbers of money. I know this game will benefit me in my business because I understand how important it is to reinvest in my business to build it. Thank you for the opportunity for your radio interview. It was great fun! Good to see you here!

      Raena Lynn

  3. I’m truly impressed Raena! I’ve completed much smaller challenges, but nothing on this scale … and to be completely honest I’m not sure I could do it. Once I have a plan and a goal I can go gangbusters, but I’ve never been good at pretending. I’m learning a lot from you though, so I look forward to hearing your thoughts about how this works out at the end of the game.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Marquita,

      This is my first time to play this game on this level. I believe you could do it if you gave it a shot. It is an exercise you need to focus on daily for two weeks. It’s achievable because it is step by step. Sometimes it wasn’t easy to visualize, but I got better as the game progressed. There are still two more posts covering the game and you can see how it unfolds! Congratulations for being spotlighted on Donna’s blog! Thanks for stopping by!

      Raena Lynn

  4. Adrienne

    Raena, through this experience of you playing this game you have helped some of us because we have the same thoughts. I know I do and just like Donna said, I would have no idea how to spend $64,000 on myself. My goodness.

    I do understand the process behind it though and that it’s to help you understand why we think the way we do about money. I’ve always told my friends that if someone gave me a check today for a million dollars tax free, I would still be the same me. I would not run out and buy a new home although I would upgrade my car.

    My mother ingrained budget consciousness into my every core. I’ve also learned about myself that like you, I’m just not materialistic and those aren’t the things that make me happy. They’re just things. I focus more on my relationships with people so playing this game is going to be a huge wake up call for me as well.

    I can’t wait until they start it again and we’ll probably depend on you to snap us out of our crappy mindset when it comes to spending money.

    Thanks for being open and sharing this with us.


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Adrienne,

      I really understand budget consciousness and I didn’t realize how deep it can be engrained. We both were raised in a generation that imposed so many limitations about money. There is prosperity as long as we believe and recognize it. I used to had a fear of “being too materialistic” and believed it was wrong. I’ve had so many breakthroughs playing the game and there is more to come. We cannot pay debt with the money, and we don’t have to spend all of it on ourselves, so there are unlimited possibilities! The next one is in March and you know I’ll keep you posted 🙂

      Raena Lynn

  5. Hi Raena. When you first started telling us about the game I guess I was really wondering what it was going to teach. You see I don’t think I have a problem with spending money! 🙂 $64,000 – head straight to the Lexus dealer and purchase a new one; book 4 cruises for the year spaced out of course, making sure I use the VIP rooms! Oh there’s so much more I could think of. 🙂 Anyway, I do see the struggles that some people have with this and it’s interesting to observe. Keep us posted on your progress. I find it extremely interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Barbara,

      Spending the money is not the problem. That’s the easy part. The game is set up so you have to 1) Account where it came from 2) Account how it is spent. It is creating the income that can be a challenge. So if you receive a check for $64,000 you have to account to how you created it. Some of us used the inheritance ticket, or unclaimed property tickets, but it defeats the purpose of the game if you use it over and over. Later you will see that I too didn’t have a problem spending…

      Raena Lynn

  6. Sue Price

    Hi Raena

    I love that you are doing this as some of the others have said we get to have our own reactions around it. I am like Barbara and have no problem spending on myself. Right now the $64K for me would be a car. Cars in Australia are much more expensive than the States.

    I think I am not materialist but I guess deep down I am. I love and appreciate nice things.

    Now I want to ask you why you were hesitant on the monthly massage for a year?

    Great post and I can hear you when I read it Raena.

    Thanks for sharing this with us – I see a millionaire in the making.


  7. Justin says:

    Hi Raena,
    I really like this game, I think I will make up my own version of it and play too. I believe many of us on some level are not comfortable receiving that amount of money so playing the prosperity game would be a great tool to build some familiarity with it.

    Take care.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Justin,

      Thank you for stopping by. If you are interested, we are planning another round in March. I tried to play on my own, and it didn’t work. This time, having a group to “report” to helped me to follow through until the end. It’s about receiving and giving money and it is designed to push you through faulty beliefs you may have formed in your subconscious. Some people quit when they hit the first threshold. Some move on and get through each one that comes up. The Prosperity game has taught me a completely different way of viewing money…how it is created, and how it is spent. Remember some of the ridiculous quotes? “Money is the root of all evil.” “Money doesn’t grow on trees?” I was bombarded with those as I was growing up, and this game helped me eliminate that type of thinking…poverty consciousness…and opened my mind to a whole world of possibility. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it very much.

      Raena Lynn

  8. Lucy Bieri

    Hi, Raena, I read your cumment at Juliannes’s blog, so I thought I head over to yours and leave a cumment… Fantastic post you have here.. But you need to be very discipline to bring it through.. Very interesting, I like it and would not mind to join…. Fantastic, it sure can lead to prosperity..

    As Abraham-Hicks stated, The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining, so this Prosperity Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of attraction.

    Pure Mindset..

    Thanks for sharing..


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Lucy,

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and make a comment. The original source of this game is from Abraham-Hicks. There are different versions of it and in this case I think the group setting helped make it more real and easier to commit all the way through. Some people started, and stopped. Some people chose to do it on their own. I needed the accountability to stick with it all the way through. I tried to play on my own in the past, and it didn’t work. The key is to open up your mind to all the possibilities and overcome any “obstacles” you perceive are in your mind. Thank you for sharing this very powerful quote. Great to see another friend of Julieanne’s!

      Raena Lynn

  9. Yorinda

    Hi Raena,
    your examples are awesome!
    To come up with ideas where the money comes from is sounding like a big challenge.

    Can you just be a fly on the wall in the group to get ideas?
    Or could you start playing it in a way that the increase in money is more gradual.

    I come from a penny pinching family and I am very good at living on a ‘shoestring’.
    To raise my financial/abundance set point is one of my big challenges.
    Would you recommend to join the group for me?

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Love and Light

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Yorinda,

      Currently the game is about half way through the second session. Dan will be scheduling more in the future and I will let you know when you can jump in. You are right about the most difficult part of the game being the creation of the source of the money. It got easier as the game progressed. I think many of us learned “how to live on a shoestring” and raising your mindset to accept abundance and prosperity is the purpose of the game. Imagine doing this in reality!

      Raena Lynn

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