Transform your website into a traffic magnet!

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Three important factors to consider if you want to transform your website into a traffic magnet?

1. Quality content

2. Social Media

3. SEO

There are two types of traffic that are crucial to determining success or failure of your blog or website:

1) Organic -Visitors that come from search engines, directories, and third party websites.

2) Referral -Visitors that come from direct links on other websites.

The best method to increase visitors is a traffic target.

What is a traffic target?

Traffic Target is the number of visitors you’re wanting to visit your site or blog on a daily basis..

If your blog is new, between one to three months, it should be generating about 100 visitors a day (or less), however the goal is to increase visits to 200, then 300 and more as time progresses.

Manipulating search results in Google for ranking on the first page is pointless because Google algorithm changes every year or less. If you want your blog to top the charts, use these strategies.

1. Quality content

quality content

What determines quality content?

By providing quality content, you can increase your conversion dramatically. Readers visit blogs for many reasons, but the main reason is to discover and read quality articles. Kikolani, ProBlogger and Traffic Generation Café are three examples of popular sites which publish top notch quality articles and they have the traffic to prove it.

Here are 3 guidelines to create quality content which drives traffic.

  • Provide stats and case studies.
  • Provide sufficient and related images.
  • Usage of quality slides, videos and bullet points to increase reader’s engagement.

Break down large chunks of information into several pages or parts using appropriate headings.

2. Social Media


Is Social Media the next SEO?

When Google Penguin 2.1 was launched, there was a lot of speculation that it could be the ultimate game changer in SEO within the traffic generation industry.

Social media traffic has always been a huge part of building quality traffic. Over one billion people use social media daily. Set your intent and position yourself well.

Social Media is comprised of many platforms. According to Globalwebindex, the top 5 of the world’s most popular social platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The key to success using Social Media is focusing your time and effort on one specific platform before moving to another.

If used correctly, social media traffic, which is also called referral traffic, is an excellent way to drive visitors to your site. With the proper strategies, you can rise above the competition.

Plan your social media efforts.  Know your goals and what you want to get out of your campaigns. Social media can be used to  engage your visitors and to get as many followers as possible. Above all it can be used to increase traffic. You must iron out your strategy before launching your social media accounts.

The old ways of traffic generation are gone. Social media traffic is essential.

3. SEO

Attract Readers

Why should you bother with Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

SEO in short is still important when it comes to increasing website traffic.

If you are a blogger and you are going to spend the time and effort writing a post, optimize it as you are write. You can easily solve all your on-page SEO woes with the help of SEO plugins and basic SEO strategy.

Without optimization, your post will bask in the internet desert. You are defeating one of the major purposes of blogging.

Proper SEO techniques can help increase blog traffic and revenue, but what happens when you overdo your SEO?

You basically kill your traffic and your website.

What are the best SEO techniques to generate blog traffic?

The tricky part is being clear about your intention for using SEO. Are you writing for humans? Or are you writing for the search engines?

Moderation is the key. Google loves websites that are optimized for search engines, but sites that are over doing it will find a spot in Google’s land of No No quickly! For example, keyword stuffing, extreme backlinking and using paid backlinks are good ways to lose rank.

Three important steps to build traffic:

  • Build more organic links.
  • Higher quality backlinks.
  • Use off-page SEO rather than on-page SEO whenever possible.

You need to consider all three factors discussed: quality content, social media, and SEO for the best results.

Even with the ever-growing and ever-changing blogging industry right now, it is still very possible to transform your website into a traffic magnet. It takes dedication, patience and the right strategies, especially when you want your blog to top the charts.

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