Video Conferencing? TSA iWowWe Review

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The main reason I joined TSAiWowWe is because I am a huge fan of TSA and I trust them. I know that the training, support, and products are great. This article comes from our TSAiWowWee blog presented by Gavin Mountford, Dave & Dawn Cook, & Kimberly Castleberry and I want to share it with you because I think I just became a part of “these are exciting times!”

iWowWe Review

I’ve been speaking to a lot of people over the last few months and many people want to know my experience with various video marketing platforms such as iWowWe, Talk Fusion, My Video Talk, GotoWebinar, and GotoMeeting so I wanted to put together a quick iWowWe review for you to learn more.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting together a video conferencing and video email platform comparison chart for you to learn more about the different services and how they stack up.

iWowWe Video Email

The great thing about the iWowWe video email service is that it’s free to send up to 10 video email messages each day. Most of the other services charge for the video email service. By signing up for a free iWowWe video email account it means you can test drive the software first to make sure you’re happy with how it all works.

You can also recommend the service to others through the iWowWe free video email service which grows automatically as others do the same.

As you more than likely know by now, but I’ve been using video for many years in my marketing and I know how powerful it can be. The fact that when your prospects see you on video it cuts down the time it takes for your prospects to become customers dramatically, which means you’ll make much more income in the long run.

Not sure if you already saw it but I wrote a more in depth page talking about the iWowWe free video email service.

iWowWe Video Conferencing

I’ve been using video conferencing for many years for a variety of different reasons:

  1. As a meeting tool
  2. As a webinar tool
  3. To connect with family members
  4. Video interviews with experts
  5. Team trainings

One of the things I love about the iWowWe video conferencing software is the versatility of it. When I speak to business colleagues I like to write on the whiteboard feature to explain certain concepts. I usually upload a powerpoint presentation and often will use the screen sharing feature to show my computer screen.

I’m also on video to show I’m a real person and this helps cement the relationship much quicker!

The fact that I can do small group meetings with up to 12 people on video camera or larger meetings/presentations to 50 people (increasing to 100 very soon), is huge leverage.

The multi media approach of sharing screen, white board, audio, video and powerpoint presentations allow me to do pretty much anything I want to help get my message across.

For $19.95 per month, it’s an absolute bargain in my mind!

I’ve written a more in depth training to explain the iWowWe video conferencing suite.

iWowWe Matrix & Comp Plan

When we evaluated iWowWe as a business opportunity we looked at the product side of the business and made sure the iWowWe video email and iWowWe video conferencing platform was strong and stable enough to be a viable product.

So, in our mind the product stood by itself and made it a viable tool to recommend.

Once we were happy with that we looked at the iWowWe matrix and compensation plan to make sure it was a viable business vehicle to allow us to grow a big team of people all using and recommending the software.

We did a lot of due diligence into the iWowWe comp plan. We’ve dissected it and looked at it from all angles to make sure it doesn’t ‘break’!

The iWowWe compensation plan is a 3×7 forced matrix and there are 4 ways to earn an income from the pay plan:

  1. Between 2.5% and 10% of the money which goes through the matrix
  2. Up to 100% matching bonus on all personals you sponsor. (This is based on a scale depending on how many people you bring into the business)
  3. 10-20% of retail sales
  4. Fast start bonus of $25 per person you introduce as a paid affiliate

Payment is made daily also which makes the whole iWowWe pay plan very appealing and you can withdraw your available money when ever you’d like.

I’ve written more about the iWowWe compensation plan here.

iWowWe vs Talk Fusion vs My Video Talk vs GotoWebinar & GotoMeeting

I’m not going to spend too much time talking about the comparison in this iWowWe review article because I’m going to create a full comparison article soon but I will touch on a couple of things.

Each service is slightly different and has more or less products and services.

For me/us the 2 most important components and features we were looking for were:

  • Video email
  • Video conferencing/webinar platform

The only service which doesn’t have video email is GotoWebinar. This is because it is specifically designed to be a webinar platform.


  • iWowWe is $50 to join + $19.95 per month for 50 attendees currently (set to be increased to 100 attendees in the near future)
  • Talk Fusion is $250 and $35 per month
  • MyVideoTalk is $249 to join and $29.90 per month
  • GotoWebinar is free to join and $99 per month for 100 attendees but doesn’t offer a Network Marketing opportunity on the backend
  • GotoMeeting is free to join and around $49 per month for 15 attendees

In my opinion all services have pro’s and con’s and will all do what you need them to do.

We were looking for the basics to do exactly what we needed. We didn’t need a video channel as we used YouTube or one of the free websites to host our videos, we didn’t need a video blog and we didn’t need some of the other bells and whistles some of the other services had.

So, we chose iWowWe because of the simplicity, ease of use, reliability, company history and potential growth rate, early positioning in the iWowWe matrix or comp plan, free video email for people to test and the fact we are working with a close team of people to achieve success! Oh yeah, and the fact that it’s only $50 to get started as an affiliate and to earn money and then $19.95 per month!

TSA iWowWe Tribe

Dave Cook, Dawn Cook, Kimberly Castleberry and myself (Gavin Mountford) have all been working together for almost 12 months with our main online company. We’ve built a fantastic community, products, trainings and systems to help people learn how to make money online and gain more exposure for their business.

We decided to put the TSA iWowWe Tribe together to bring our team members all together. No person gets left behind in our business! We are a group of people all with similar goals and visions.

When you decide to join our iWowWe tribe, you’ll be looked after and taken care of. We’ve got trainings, skype community groups, fast start guides, team culture, conferences and full support.

I know most people struggle in network marketing because they don’t have this support and mentoring in a business. That’s why we want to make sure we do ALL we can for our team members.

If you’d like to check out the free video email account then click on this link – iWowWe right here, submit your details and you’ll be in our team.

If you’d like to build a strong iWowWe organization and Network Marketing business and you’re looking for a team or tribe to join with full support and trainings, then:

Click here to join TSA iWowWe Tribe

Committed To Your Success,

Gavin Mountford, Dave & Dawn Cook
& Kimberly Castleberry

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6 thoughts on “Video Conferencing? TSA iWowWe Review

  1. Peter Fuller MBA

    Excellent review Raena

    So far I have just signed up for the free version.

    My motivation for taking a look at WowWe was whether or not it was a tool my offline customers can use to promote their business.


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Peter,

      The iWowWe video conferencing has some really great features and I am still learning about all of its capabilities. There are many video conferencing and video email programs popping up everywhere! This is a review done by TSAiWowWeTribe. I am member because I have faith in the TSA training and it is a tool I have used and think many people would benefit.

      There are a lot of choices out there, but this happens to be my preferred service because it is cost effective. I will happy to answer any questions you may have.

      It is always nice to see you Peter!

      Raena Lynn

  2. Pearly Quah says:

    Hi Raena,

    WoW !! What a detailed information on video conferencing. Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

    I have tried the video conferencing products several times and it helpmed me to give explanation to my downline (primary business)..Great stuff and I also congratulate you for making the right decision to follow your leaders 🙂


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Pearly,

      I know that you have been doing a fantastic job with TSA iWow We Tribe. I thought your video was really great! You are going to do really well in the program!

      Raena Lynn

  3. Loren Greig says:

    Hi Raena Lynn,

    It’s very obvious that you put a lot of time and work into this TSA iWowWe Review and it’s certainly to our benefit that you’ve experienced various video marketing platforms. You have so ably drawn a very comprehensive comparison between Talk Fusion, My Video Talk, GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting. I really appreciate that there was so much to learn about the different services in your comparison.

    Video email with iWowWe really is a great tool for sending up to 10 video email messages a day. That’s 300 message a month for free and, as you state, not only is video marketing powerful but prospects see the real person so there is more likelihood they will become customers. A real bonus… all that for FREE!

    You’ve shown some very useful applications for the iWowWe video conferencing aspect as a meeting tool, webinar tool, interview tool, for team trainings and even putting it to personal use by connecting with family.

    I’m also impressed with it’s very versatile multi-media approach to help get your message across – as a whiteboard to explain concepts; a powerpoint presentation application; screen sharing and the video which, again, shows the real person and helps to cement relationships more quickly.

    I’m in agreement with selecting iWowWe because of of its simplicity and ease of use but even more important when becoming involved with a company is alignment of integrity. iWowWe has integrity in company history and reliability and certainly has given positive consideration to its partners with the generous compensation plan.

    With a price point of $50 initiation and $19.95 a month, its versatile platform, different ways to earn income from the pay plan, and business opportunity, iWowWe is a very, very appealing opportunity for internet marketers.

    TSA iWowWe Tribe tops this opportunity with its supportive, like-minded community, its products and training to help people learn how to make money online as well as gain exposure for their businesses. This is a huge benefit for people.

    Thanks for this excellent review.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Loren,

      Wow! What a response to this article! You put a lot of effort into really understanding the capability of this platform. I really like iWowWe because of it’s ease of use and its cost effectiveness. I have to add that it is a lot of fun too! I use it professionally and personally.

      I video conference with my 23 year old who is attending college in another state and it is so easy to use. It is a joy to see my daughters smiling face!

      The opportunity is excellent. The staff of TSA selected this company and shared it with TSA members because they did their research and it’s benefits outweigh some of its competitors.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving great value to this article!

      Raena Lynn

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