Twitter For Beginners

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Twitter For Beginners

Hey hubzers!

From having virtually unlimited space to blab about your day, your business, your products, your services and your brands, here comes a very popular technology that allows you to say what you have to say in 140 characters or less.

If you think that it is impossible to be able to express your thoughts in a platform that lets you type in less than what you could put into a SMS message, then you have not fully appreciated Twitter.

But ignoring Twitter is not an option.  Learn how to tweet more effectively here and do not get confused by Twitter’s great new frontier!

1. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and the lingo. When logging on to Twitter, you will find a lot of people using abbreviations and symbols.

Here are some of the most popular ones:

@reply: This is actually a reply to another user.  So a tweet beginning with @hubze means that a particular user just replied to something that hubze wrote on Twitter.

DM: Simply, direct message, or a private conversation between two users.

RT: Retweet, or helping the user spread his or her message out to others.  Think of it as the Twitter equivalent of forward email.

#: This is called the hashtag.  The words following a “#” represents a keyword tag that makes finding it easier.

OH: If you have heard a rumor or want to share something you have OverHeard, then put OH on your tweets.

2. Keep your own lists. If you follow a dozen Twitter users, then it might be no problem keeping up with who’s who.  But if you want to be more organized with your account, then set up your own lists and add people accordingly.  For instance, a restaurant owner can have three lists: restaurant specific list, food list, family and friends.  If you follow your mom on Twitter, put her on family and friends.  If you follow the competition, put them on the restaurant list.  If you follow chefs and recipe sites on Twitter, put them into your food list.  This way, when you log in and feel the need to keep in touch with family and friends, it would be easy for you to focus on them just by going to the list.

3. Favorite tweets. If you find someone sharing an article that interests you, but have no time to fully read it, you can “Favorite” that and go back to the article later.

4. Twitter apps. It may sound strange, but you do not have to be on Twitter to be able to use it.  You can use tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite to post your tweets.  Each app has its own benefits and advantages, and one of the things a business owner would appreciate is being able to tweet even when offline, or being able to post updates not just on Twitter but other social media accounts as well.

5. Twitterfeed your blog. If you keep a blog site and you would like to immediately update your followers after you write a post, then get Twitterfeed.

6. Appropriate behavior on Tweeter. Avoid confusing or irritating your followers.  Here are some Twitter etiquette to remember:

a. If you are going to comment on a retweet, add it BEFORE the RT tag. Something like “Makes sense! RT @hubze We help you get your social media presence going!”  People reading your RT will know that you commented on the tweet by @hubze instead of mistaking it as part of the original tweet as what would happen if you place your comments AFTER the RT (something like “@hubze We help you get your social media presence going! Makes sense!”)

b. No automated DMs. Services that allow you to DM anybody who follows you.  Do not use automated DMs to spam your followers.

c. Full disclosure please. If you are going to make money such as putting a sponsored tweet, link or affiliate link on Twitter, be sure to disclose it to your followers.

d. Know when to DM and when to reply. Make sure that you know when to DM another user or just to reply publicly.  Favors, personal questions and other private stuff is best kept on DM.

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10 thoughts on “Twitter For Beginners

  1. Theuns says:

    Hi Raena

    Thanks for this great and good
    info on Twitter.

    We all need to learn how to use
    twitter bore better it is a great
    tool to use .


  2. Beth Hewitt says:

    Hey Raena,

    Great post on Twitter Tips and Twitter etiquette. This is a must read guide for anyone just starting out and anyone who might have been around for a while but needs a gentle reminder of just how it should be done.

    Thank you for sharing,

    Beth 🙂

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Beth,
      Thanks for coming visiting my blog. I feel honored that you took the time to comment. This is a very basic article about tweeting, but you are right. Once and awhile, seasoned tweeters need to review the purpose of tweeting.

      Raena Lynn

  3. Hi Raena Lynn,
    Twitter really seems to give people fits so thanks for this great primer on using it properly. And my favorite tip is not to automate your DMs. I NEVER read them anymore because they are usually random requests for me to ‘click their junk’ and don’t offer value. I prefer to find out more about followers by viewing their profile (which should be filled out!) and following their tweets without those silly DMs.
    However, I disagree with the assertion that ignoring Twitter is not an option. If your target market is not on Twitter, you can ignore it and spend that time on the social media properties that will work better for you. Then you can apply these tips to learn Twitter for yourself for fun!
    Have a great day, Allegra

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Alegra,

      Thanks for stopping by:) Twitter is a weird bird! I understand what you mean by ignoring Twitter if it isn’t feasible or matches your niche, then time spent somewhere else that is more productive makes sense.

      Raena Lynn

  4. Stevie Smith says:

    Hello Raena,

    That was an excellent article and a must read for everyone. Twitter can indeed be a worthy tool, or a means to follow and interact. Just use discretion as a certain senator has recently found out!

    Keep the Smiles,


    1. Stevie Smith says:

      As a follow up to my last comment, I would like to say that I finally took the plunge on hootsuite and am now fully engaged… at being lost from the sheer volume of the messages that are flying in.

      Feels a bit like a flea market! 🙂

      Keep the Smiles,


      1. Raena Lynn

        Hi Stevie,

        You are funny Stevie. Actually Hootsuite helps me to select and be choosy about my tweets! You don’t have to respond to all of them. It is simply an organizational platform so you can get an overall picture of the activity. Take care my friend!

        Raena Lynn

  5. Hi Raena:

    Twitter is such an excellent tool but many either don’t know how to maximize it or they don’t see the value in maximizing it.

    You have provided some great tips here.


  6. Yorinda

    Hi Raena,

    even though I used Twitter for more than a year now I learned something from this article.
    One thing I learned is to put a comment infront of a RT.

    How do you acknowledge that a link is an affiliate link. Is there a symbol like #for Hashtag?

    Much appreciated!


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