We have the best product ever! Great Lie #5

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We have the best product ever! is Lie#5 in an eBook written by Ann Sieg titled  “The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.”

Are you ready to build your business in internet marketing? I’m hoping by sharing the book, you may be interested in getting your own free copy.

I have permission to reprint this eBook without alteration. This is #5 of the series.

Here is Lie #1-4 if you missed them:

Great Lie #1 Everyone is your prospect

Great Lie #2 “It’s not selling. It’s sharing!”

Great Lie #3 “Anyone Can Do This.”

Great Lie #4 “We Will Build Your Business For You.”

Great Lie #5 – We have the best product ever!

Now it’s not that this statement isn’t necessarily true (although often it isn’t)…it’s that it doesn’t matter. Hang in there for a second, I’ll explain.

Like most of them, this lie takes on many different forms. Here’s just a few of the variations:

The product sells itself!
Nothing else on the market can even compare to this!
We have the most lucrative comp plan in the industry!
Our leadership team is unbeatable!

Each one of these assertions could go off on their own little tangents, but really what they all boil down to is this: Network marketers place all the emphasis on all the wrong things.

It’s not that all these things (product, comp plan, leadership, etc.) aren’t important. These are all critical elements.

The problem is that while everyone is hootin’ and hollerin’ about this stuff, they forget about the most important factor of all.

To illustrate this problem, consider investment properties for a moment. There’s an important lesson to be gleaned from real estate that can help shed some light on the situation.

It’s often said that the three most important factors in choosing investment real estate are (1) location, (2) location, and (3) location.

If you’re looking at a piece of property from an investment perspective, you shouldn’t be admiring the beautiful perennials out back…or concerning yourself with how many kids the neighbor has…or noticing how well the drapes go with the carpet. If you are, you’re looking at it through the eyes of a home owner, not an investor.

In order for your endeavor to turn out profitably, you have to keep the main thing the main thing.

Well just like real estate, when it comes to running a highly-profitable business, a similar formula needs to be applied. Namely the most important factor of all is…
(1) Marketing, (2) Marketing, and (3) Marketing!

This may seem obvious to you, but think about how many people go running around, diving headfirst into one company after another, following the latest and greatest product, only to end up scratching their heads when they don’t make any money. I know I used to.

Just as focusing on things like the landscape, the flowers and the neighbors is the way a home buyer looks at a property rather than an investor…putting all your focus on things like the product, the comp plan and the corporate leadership is the way a consumer looks at a company rather than a business owner.

Let me share something else with you, a personal story, to help drive the point home further.

My dad is a physicist and an inventor. He’s designed lasers for the military and has also helped design Harley Davidson’s assembly line.

A lot of his work involves light and its uses. About 6 years ago he invented a lighting design of his own that he had very high hopes for. The invention was a light that produced no glare whatsoever on any surface it shined on. Perhaps not the most glamorous invention you’ve ever heard of but it has a ton of great uses in situations like illuminating photos in a gallery, reading things in the dark and providing lighting for detailed mechanical and electronic work.

Well that was 6 years ago and he’s been trying to market it ever since.

He’s literally driven around the country in his car trying to peddle it to whatever businesses will listen to him. To no avail. He has not one contract to this day.

My dad’s a brilliant man and an incredible scientist. But heaven knows he’s no salesman. He’d probably score in the negative on the marketing IQ test. He hasn’t been able to sell his product because he doesn’t know how to market it and he doesn’t have the necessary sales skills.

He doesn’t understand the most important fundamental of all: It’s not about the product. It’s about the marketing.

Please allow this to sink in:

You Can Have The Most Ground-Breaking Product In The World,
But If You’re Not Using Effective Marketing,
No One Will Know And No One Will Care.

Effective sales & marketing is bar-none the most important function of a business.

Think of it this way: A one-of-a-kind product that’s being shipped from Chicago to New York is only as good as the truck that’s carrying it. If the truck breaks down and never reaches its destination, it doesn’t matter how great the product inside it is.

Well, your sales and marketing system is the truck that carries your product. No matter how good your product is, it doesn’t matter if your marketing can’t deliver it.

Not only that, but sales is the only activity in a business that actually brings in the cash. Think about it. Every other activity uses up that cash.

The product, the compensation plan, the timing, the people, the leadership, the management…all crucial aspects of a business…but none of them are income producing activities.

The revenue brought in from sales is what makes it all possible. It’s the driving force behind everything.

And that’s why you need to be more concerned about the sales strategies you’re using than anything else. This can’t be emphasized enough. It could be the most important thing you ever learn in your network marketing career.

And understand this:

You Can Make A Lot Of Money With An Awesome
Marketing Plan And A Mediocre Product.
You Will Never Even Come Close To Making As Much
With An Awesome Product And A Mediocre Marketing Plan.

Don’t believe me? Ask Robert Kiyosaki.

In his book ‘Cashflow Quadrant,’ (p.27,28) Robert talks about how he has people approach him all the time about starting a new business or how to raise money for a new project. He can instantly tell whether that person’s focus is on the product or the system of business by the words they say. Things like:

“This is a much better product than company xyz makes.”

“Nobody else can compete with this product.”

After listening to their pitch, he slowly asks them, “Can you personally cook a better hamburger than McDonald’s?” So far, everyone he’s asked that question has said “yes,” they can.

He then asks, “So, if you can cook a better hamburger, why does McDonald’s make more money than you?”

Some people see the difference immediately and some just don’t get it. The problem, as Robert explains, is that most people focus on perfecting their skills at making a better hamburger rather than the skills of selling and delivering the hamburger. McDonald’s may not make the best hamburger, but they are the best at selling and delivering a basic, average hamburger.

He then goes on to say how the absolute most important skills a business owner can ever develop are sales and marketing.

Or as Seth Godin, former Vice President of Marketing for Yahoo!, says:

“Marketing is all there is. You don’t win with better shipping or
manufacturing or accounts payable. You win with better marketing…”

Why am I telling you this? What’s the lesson for network marketers? Simply this: Your product (or your opportunity), no matter how good, will not sell itself and will not make you rich.

Also, keep this in mind:
You May Believe With All Your Heart
That Your Company Is The Best, Hands Down…
But So Does Everyone Else.

Therefore, the person who succeeds is not the one with the best company, but the one who can do the best job communicating the idea of their company.

Now just so that no one gets the wrong impression, I want to stop and emphasize something.

I am not saying that your product doesn’t need to be top-quality. It does. I am a firm believer that the only way to do business is to provide a product or service that far exceeds your customer’s expectations. Both for ethical reasons and for the obvious business reasons of getting repeat business from satisfied customers. Anything that you sell to anyone should always be of enormous value in comparison to what they paid you for it. It should always over-deliver.

An unbeatable combination therefore, is to have a killer marketing strategy and a killer product. You want the best of both worlds.

BUT–the reason I’m stressing marketing so much is because in our industry it is so sorely lacking. Many times people are given the impression that if they’ve got an
awesome product, they’re as good as gold and the rest is all gravy. The product will do all the selling for them and they’ll be swimming in money.

At this point, you may be thinking something along the lines of: “Well, seeing as how I’m in network MARKETING…that means my sales and marketing system should be pretty much taken care of for me. I mean, we use one-to-one sales and word of mouthwhich of course everyone knows is the most powerful form of marketing there is.”That’s what they’d like you to think. But unfortunately it’s not the case.

You see, one of the most important (and shocking) things I realized when I made my
transition from a floundering distributor to a thriving one, is this:

The Marketing In Network Marketing Is Missing!

I know that sounds crazy, but it all makes sense when you understand that…

(a) Network marketers do not truly use word of mouth advertising, as explained in Lie #2, page 13

(b) Just because we use one-to-one sales does not in any way mean that it’s an effective form of one-to-one sales. That’s like saying – I play golf, so that makes me a good golfer.

(c) Most of the marketing materials (brochures, websites, etc.) used by mlm companies are awful and have very little value to you (the reason for this is too long to get into here but suffice it to say that most company’s marketing materials are little more than pretty showcases that fail to connect with what the prospect is really looking for); and

(d) The “proven” system of names lists, referrals, warm markets, home parties and hotel meetings is not all it’s cracked up to be. I’ll explain in a minute.

We have the best product ever” is deceiving. Remember no matter how good you think it is, marketing it effectively is the key.




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34 thoughts on “We have the best product ever! Great Lie #5

  1. HI Raena, I love this great lie We have the best product ever! I do hear this all the time and need to send them here 🙂 You stated it all in this sentence “The person who succeeds is not the one with the best company, but the one who can do the best job communicating the idea of their company.” Oh So True.. You should build your dad a blog and let him tell his story or perhaps you should do it for him.. Just a thought..Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Chery,

      Thanks for your comment. I love the analogy using McDonalds as an example of how they can sell average hamburgers. Of course it is done through effective marketing. I appreciate that you are enjoying the series. Thanks!

      Raena Lynn

  2. Yorinda

    Hi Raena,
    thank you for elaborating this point so well.

    I also like the example about the hamburger, it makes such a good point.
    Is being in sales and marketing something every one could be good at, even introverts?

    With your knowledge could you market your fathers product?

  3. Bravo Raena!

    I first want to say that sharing your dad’s story was amazing!!! Didn’t know about that one.

    I like the analogy about McDonalds. I’ve read that from Robert Kiyosaki. I love that book:‘Cashflow Quadrant, because it changed my mindset about marketing.

    When it comes to marketing, especially network marketing, people learn from companies that things will be done for them. Easy squeezy! Not at all.

    It is up to each individual to take responsibility for their marketing skills. This is where we have to put most of our energy into. Yes, we need a blog, and our social sites, but when it comes down to it all, we are responsible for our own actions.

    It unnerves me when I hear so many complaints about the “lies” you mentioned in this series. But I have to understand that people weren’t taught the true effectiveness of marketing.

    As you know, last year David and I started pounding away at our marketing learning curve. This year, we are putting it into action. It became so much of my being that I have that marketing mindset all the time! I see “Mistakes” offline as well as online. I do coach folks to put their energy into marketing FIRST!!!

    Funny as it seems, I sold my own home recently within 10 days not using a traditional realtor. Instead, a flat rate broker for 400 bucks to get me on the MLS. Then I ramped it up showing prospective buyers the great investment they could have. I think I clinched the deal when I “staged” walking to the waterfalls down the street with my bathing suit and beach towel. Told the Sellers broker to show the investors around by herself.

    I wanted to give that “benefit” to the investors that they had access to a nice cool place just steps away. OK it took guts for me to walk down the street in nothing but a bathing suit he he. But they got the picture! They seen the benefit among other things I printed out about the house. Viola….SOLD IN 10 DAYS!

    OK I’ll stop the novella here, but it is an example that when you learn marketing you live it!


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for such an awesome post! I really like the McDonalds’ analogy too. I heard someone say “You gotta love Robert Kiyosaki!” Maybe it was you! His book, Cashflow Quadrant is a must read for every marketer.

      A product can be the best on the planet, but as Ann says, “The most important factor of all is 1) marketing 2) marketing and 3)marketing.

      Network marketing is a business. You and David know it takes a lot of work and commitment to establish a long term, profitable business. Skill sets have to be developed and staying power is essential. You have come a long way and I think partnering with your hubby has been the best move ever!

      Good job on your home sale and making the decision to do it yourself. Most people wouldn’t take the leap, even if it means missing a lot of money they can keep for themselves. Congratulations on your move too! I know once you get settled, your world will be at peace once again. As always,

      Raena Lynn

  4. Adrienne

    Boy ain’t that right Raena. I also learned this the hard way.

    If you can imagine this, I’ve created my own product before. It’s been about 3-1/2 years ago now. It was a great product and something I thought all newbies would really be able to wrap their minds around and find it oh so very helpful. Problem was, I was like the Dad (not sure if that was your Dad or Ann’s). I didn’t know how to market properly so no matter what I did I got nowhere. Okay, I did sell about five or six of them and they were over $100 a pop so I was proud of myself for doing that but it still went nowhere.

    Every time someone approaches me about their network marketing business I always hear that it’s the best product ever. I don’t doubt that it is, there are some really awesome products being promoted through network marketing. Unfortunately for those people, they’re going about it the wrong way so therefore I don’t care if it’s the best thing since sliced bread, I’m not interested.

    Everything we do online we’re marketing starting with ourselves so for those people that don’t grasp that concept quickly, they’re either going to be left in the dust or eventually just give up.

    Great share Raena, thanks again for continuing to share this book.


  5. Sue Price

    Hi Raena

    This is so true. Not just for Network Marketing for any product, book or service. As you know I am started out as a CPA. The CPA’s that make the most money are those who know how to market themselves.

    When I worked with the company that promoted Robert out here we would never take on a book if the author was not prepared to be part of a marketing plan. Robert Kiyosaki did not just become a best seller. There was planning, marketing and joint ventures.

    I love that you are sharing this book Raena as it has so much truth in it.



  6. Sarah Arrow

    Fascinating post Raena, I had to stop half way through to digest all that I read.
    I wonder at times if a business would do better to partner with a marketing expert to generate the buzz that is needed. In the case of your dad he has a terrific product with many uses but he’s so close to it that he can’t market or sell it, which is a shame.

    As others have said it’s not just real estate, this applies for pretty much anything we sell. With network marketing people have a support system and together they can work out how to sell and re-package “the best ever product” in a way that works for their audience.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Sarah,

      This post is one in a series of 7 written by Ann Sieg. Each post is packed with information and I understand what you mean by having to digest it. I was contemplating breaking each one into two sections, but I felt each post needed to be kept intact. My posts generally are not as long, but these held enough merit to justify their length.

      Generating buzz is certainly one thing that marketers are really good at! I think that is a great idea. Currently I am a beta tester for a company, and it is structured so there is a support system of many marketers collaborating and masterminding to create “the best ever product.” I’ve seen it happen many times in this industry. Thank you for your thoughtful comment!

      Raena Lynn

  7. Nice post Raena, Yes they are the great lies of network marketing. Very informative. I think that when you see these kinds of posts or marketing ideas into action, that mostly they are; However, on the other hand, this is usually folks that are already successful, maybe not all the time. What works for them is the truth for these people. I always try and take away something positive out of whatever it is they are marketing and combined it with my thoughts and ideas. After all something out there is better than nothing even if it seems to bend the truth a little. For these kinds of sites that are offering what seems to be a lie, may not seem like it to them. I always try and keep an open mind to all of this. For me, it is learning in progress, and as long as I have that, my products or services seem to override the lies and becomes good information shared. I don’t know, doe’s that make any sense?

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Jimmie,

      I think your idea of taking away something positive out of whatever is being marketed and combining it with your thoughts and ideas is a great approach. I believe it’s best to be open minded. Yes, you make total sense. Value in any form is good. Thank you for your thoughtful comments!

      Raena Lynn

  8. Lynn Jones

    Raena, Its so true. Every company has the best product, or are told that they do! I am acquainted with Muscle Testing or Kinesiology and have had some of past company products tested to find out they are only 25% good. Many are full of fillers. But like you say….doesn’t really matter….if one has the proper marketing going on…you can sell anything….good or bad. I have finally come to the conclusion. If a product is truly helping me…only then will I share… and only when I feel it is appropriate. I truly want to help people with their health.
    Bless you!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Lynn,

      Marketing is the secret for any product. As you said, anything can be sold, good or bad. Obviously some of the many fads we’ve seen in the past are great examples. The one that comes to my mind immediately is “The Pet Rock.” Think about it. Selling a rock as a pet has to be the epitome of skilled marketing! It seems so silly when I think about it, but the marketers who were compensated didn’t think it was silly. They made a lot of money and everyone was happy with the product…or it seemed so at the time.

      I also agree about sharing a product only when I know it could help other people. If I try out a product and I like it, I’ll share it simply to help someone to solve a problem or fulfill a want. I promote and sell my recommendations, and for the right audience, they are happy to buy. Thanks for your comment Lynn!

      Raena Lynn

  9. Clint Butler

    “Marketing is Missing from Network Marketing”

    What a great line, and such a true statement.

    I can’t tell you how many times I fell the whole, our product sells itself line. You figure at the first 100 times I would have learned but nope.

    I had to learn the hard way, the way I think most do, that network marketing is MARKETING. And without knowledge on how to actually do it your going to end up just going broke. Or your going to end up thinking, like most people seem to these days, think that network marketing is a scam.

    Uplines need to start being honest with people when they sign them up. Sure we all know that if you say there is work involved your not going to get as many sign ups. But your not going to get as many people quitting after 90 days either.

  10. Hi,

    It does get frustrating when everyone is offering something that will “change your world as you know it” offering everything under the sun.. People with bad products and good marketing are making it near impossible for the people out there that have a great product that can really help but no selling skills in order to get people to listen!

    … Thank you

  11. Great read by a woman that continues to be instrumental in the forward momentum of her industry. Ann Sieg is certainly someone who would do well to pay attention to.

    If one is in the business of choosing ones product and marketing plan, it’s best to chose the best of both worlds and find an unbeatable product with a superior marketing plan. That makes key elements like USP (Unique Selling Proposition) come naturally and the product becomes leagues easier for even a novice marketer to wrap their head around pitching.


    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Kimberly,

      Thanks for your wisdom. You are right on target with this. Choosing the best of both worlds, an unbeatable product with a superior marketing plan is the ideal way to go. I’m not sure how to say this, but I will give it a shot. I have great respect and admiration for Ann Sieg. She is a true industry leader and she approaches this industry realistically, leaving out the hype and BS. She is an educator and mentor. She is a relationship builder and has been around long enough to help other marketers gain clarity about this business. My perception of Ann Sieg is the same perception I have of you. You fit this description. My respect and admiration for you is equal.

      Raena Lynn

  12. Sarupa Shah

    Been loving these posts Raena…and yes it is about marketing and conveying the message and emotions that you wish your potential buyer to react.respond too…it is funny though even though I know this, it is like good marketing (or effective) always gets a reaction…it is like we are hardwired to respond and think I need this/want this…!

  13. How many times have we heard that old chestnut, it did make me laugh lol. I find it funny that many major brands (especially soap power companies) have sold you the perfect or ultimate product for years but still manage to bring out a “new and improved” version… 🙂

  14. Ann caused quite a stir with that book of hers didn’t she? She must’ve been the first to “put herself out there” and tell the truth about all the hype that was going on at that time. It’s a shame that so many network marketers were “fed” all those lies – not that they were meant to be lies, it’s just they stretched the truth so much! Thanks for your explanation Raena Lynn, and the story about your father.

    My hubby is a musician and he loves being creative, writing stories and singing and entertaining, but he really doesn’t like marketing himself. Besides you can’t do everything yourself.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Julieanne,

      Although this eBook was written by Ann Sieg a few years ago, the concepts apply to present times. I think it covers the fundamentals of marketing very well. There are so many beginning marketers jumping online in hopes of making enough money to fulfill their dreams of financial independence. Unfortunately, many fall into the trap of believing a lot of what they hear. It’s challenging to separate the truth from the myths. There was a lot of hype then, and there is a lot of hype now. I’ve learned that experience allows you to figure out the difference. I thought it was a great idea to post it in it’s full glory! Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it.

      Raena Lynn

  15. Holly

    The marketing… so it is.. I know that I am working on being a better marketer!! That’s about all I can say.. Seen and heard and used many of the other lines.. and knew it didnt’ feel right… but haven’t yet perfected the “marketing” in me!! Great post!! I’ll be back to learn more!!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Holly,

      Thank you for stopping by. Keep on growing and learning, and the “marketing in you” will surface. I appreciate your comment.

      Raena Lynn

  16. Hi Raena Lynn,
    Great discussion, but what do you think some solutions are? I love your list of myth busting when it comes to network marketing. I’d like to see some brainstorming on solutions since network marketing is here to stay … Your blog looks great!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Lesly,

      I’m not sure if there is a “solution” to the lies that are spread about network marketing. However, anyone who intends to market online needs to do their own research. Hundreds of thousands of people are jumping online daily in hopes of generating an income so they can fulfill their dreams of financial independence. Unfortunately, many of them think online marketing is a way to “get rich quick.” Nothing could be further than the truth. There are marketers online who generate huge sums of money but most of them have paid their dues. Every six-nine figure earner paid the price in some form or another and they were willing to take risks which most people wouldn’t consider. Marketers need staying power so they can gain experience to have the ability to differentiate between lies and fact. One fact I do know, is if someone really wants to make it in this business, they will need to put in a lot of hard work and stay committed. It takes time, consistency, and diligence. Thanks for your compliment on my blog!

      Raena Lynn

  17. Hello Raena……This is an imporant subject for all network marketers…..some people think that all they have to do is throw some money at it set up a couple auto responders, and they think they are done….then they wonder why the money isn’t being stacked around them….Truth is that network marketing is a lot of work….I especially like the analogy of, a product is only as good as the truck that brought it…….being a truck driver…I can definitely relate to that …thanks Raena ….Smokey

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Gregory,

      I hear you on that one! Network marketing is a tough business! When I started out, I didn’t have a clue of what it really takes to generate income. There is a lot of hype about systems, tools, and products so it is understandable why beginning marketers think it is easy. So many people struggle and my heart goes out to them because I’ve been there. It takes steady, consistent action every day. There will be a lot of ups and downs, and staying power is essential. I hope this series will help to prevent unnecessary frustration for anyone wanting to establish an internet marketing business.

      I liked the truck analogy too. I give you a lot of credit for being able to do it! I couldn’t imagine how our lives would be without you guys! Thanks for sharing.

      Raena Lynn

  18. Hi Raena,
    You are telling the real truth in this post! I agree completely when you said: You Can Have The Most Ground-Breaking Product In The World,But If You’re Not Using Effective Marketing,No One Will Know And No One Will Care. Learning how to market yourself and your products or services is the key to experiencing success with them. Thanks for sharing your insights! I think this post can benefit a lot of people.

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Shelly,

      Marketing is everything. I love the quote from Robert Kiyosaki, “So, if you can cook a better hamburger, why does McDonald’s make more money than you?” Doesn’t that make sense? You have to love Mr. Kiyosaki! I think this post will benefit those who read it, assuming they are interested in starting a network marketing business. It has a lot of information packed in one post, but very relevant to the right audience. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it!

      Raena Lynn

  19. Hi Raenna,
    I love the analogy of the Mc Donalds hamburger that it’s not necessarily only about the quality of the product it’s about who we know and what we do with the influential people we know.
    If we can do better that Mc Donalds what is the difference that makes the difference that makes him rich?
    The quality of questions define the quality of the answers we give to ourselves.
    Marketing is an art not a science and we need to find the fine line between quality, uniqueness and giving to others what they want not what we want.
    Any parent will say you his child is the best for him like any marketer will say that his product or services are the best.
    This is the difference between a ego centric view and a client centric view.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful post!

  20. Thanks for sharing your article Raena,
    I like your explanation. I am learning everyday and i will come back for more.

  21. Raena,We are on the same wavelength. My latest article is entitled: Relationship Marketing – Do It Right or Don\’t Do It. (DrGoodstone.com/articles)have taken a slightly different angle. Since my life\’s work and focus is all about building long lasting and satisfying relationships, I am applying that to building a business as well. Too many people (whether in MLM businesses, talking about their published book or products or the specific service they provide) do not know anything about marketing. They push their product or service on people who have no interest at all in their product at this time and they don\’t take the time to find out how they might build rapport and help each other.I love your article, revealing to us the pack of lies we have been sold and how that has severely hampered many of us from building our businesses. In fact, it has caused many people to just give up and assume the product is not good or the team has failed them.It doesn\’t matter if you are selling an MLM product, selling your own services, selling yourself as a media celebrity, the bottom line is marketing.Thanks for bringing that point home so clearly.Warmly,Dr. Erica

  22. Hi Raena
    Well said …you have certainly done your homework,I need someone like you to help guide me and many others in the right direction. Otherwise we are going to be like the leaves in the breeze with absolutely no direction what so ever.
    Thanks for your awesome post!!!

    1. Raena Lynn

      Hi Stanley,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your compliment. There are so many new people coming online, and I know I would not have made it without a good mentor. It’s important to find a leader to give direction so you are not “like the leaves in the breeze with absolutely no direction whatsoever.” I love your description! If you need help, let me know.

      Raena Lynn

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