What Is The Best Email Times For The Highest Open Rates?

Best Email times make a difference with your open rates

I’ve been working on my list building and connecting with people who are interested in my content. As my list has been growing, I noticed quickly that when I sent out emails or newsletters, the open rate was very low. It was very disappointing! Sometime I wondered if it is worth going through the trouble to put together a campaign to see just a few opens! Let’s assume that you have carefully created an email subscription campaign. Your message is powerful, your subject line is compelling, your grammar is proofed, images and links are tested and everything looks great. You hit the send button and only 1% of the people receiving your message actually open it? Why?

Maybe your mail went to their spam filter because more and more people are setting their filters much higher due to the amount of unwanted mail they receive on a daily basis. Maybe your headline wasn’t compelling enough among the thousands of other people sending out their messages. Another possible explanation is to ask yourself, what are the best email times during the day to hit the submission button?  I found this infographic on Pure360 called “The Best and Worst Times To Send Your Email” which I found to be extremely helpful for increasing my open rate percentage.

The time of day makes a big difference as to whether or not an email is opened at all.  When determining the best email times, this is a handy chart to help you get your message to the most amount of people rather than throwing all that work into a black hole!

The infographic below put together by Pure360 shows you some optimal and not so optimal times of day to send emails. I hope this inforgraphic helps you as much as it helped me! I am interested in hearing your email stories and what has worked for you when determining the best email times for you with the best results.

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